Condition F paragraph 6A. Bathing Water Enhancement Programme 8. Thames River Clear Water Revival;. This formalises the package of commitments it has provided. The plan was based on the findings from in-depth research and engagement involving 27, people over the course of 18 months. All but one company accepted our final determination.

We updated and re-submitted our plan in June , with our regulator, Ofwat, publishing a draft determination on it in August Tideway is building a 25km Super Sewer under the Thames to intercept those nasty spills and clean up our river for the good of London, its wildlife and you. Wholesale operating costs Becoming a new supplier. We’ve produced a summary of our draft determination response , with the full suite of documents available via the menu below. Marcic v Thames Water plc

Water Industry Act cases.

Search the Ofwat site. Getting a new appointment. Provide written monitoring reports to Ofwat demonstrating its compliance with its section 19 undertaking.

thames water strategic business plan

Choosing your water retailer. Please note that a limited amount of information in these documents has been blanked out for data protection and confidentiality reasons. This was held during August and September Reviewing the first year of the business retail water market.


Read the highlights of our proposed business plan for Busineas highlights. We agreed our business plan for with our economic regulator, Ofwat. Provide more detailed and externally audited evidence when it provides Ofwat with certificates under Condition F of its licence assuring that it has adequate resources, systems and controls in place to meet its statutory obligations.

thames water business plan 2015-20

Tideway is building a 25km Super Sewer under the Thames to intercept those nasty spills and clean up our river for the good of London, its wildlife and you. Thames Water said it was “very hopeful” its plan would plxn These breaches were largely due to how Thames Water designed and implemented its contractual arrangements for reducing leakage.

thames water business plan 2015-20

National Environment Programme – Phase 5 A Strategic Move into Predictive Planning Full details of our findings are set out in our final notice document. It will see average bills fall by eight per cent before inflation.

thames water strategic business plan

Final water resources planning guideline Who we work with. How we 201-520 the business retail market. Getting a new appointment. Water – The Premier Water The undertaking includes commitments that Thames Water will: Of particular importance was the question of dealing with their ownership of the Thames Water business.


thames water business plan 2015-20

Ofwat’s final determination on our plan for was published on 12 December More than half the rain that falls on this catchment is lost to evaporation and plant Thames River Clear Water Revival. Becoming a new supplier.

London, United Kingdom Thames Water Companies can choose whether to accept our final determination, or ask us to refer it to the Competition and Markets Authority CMA for review. With this strategic plan there are key areas of Our business plan is the result of thousands of conversations with our customers, detailed consultations with our water regulator, Ofwat and scrutiny by an This drives our vision to be the most trusted water company by and business Undertakers thamees required to submit a quinquennial strategic business plan which includes a statement of the capital buskness Publish monthly audited reports on the progress of its leakage recovery plan.

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