I think with more government funding towards the school, they can invest in more support for things outside of solely academics and will overall, improve the community of the school. There are only a handful of guidance counselors for almost three thousand students, which makes it difficult for them to get to know you. The school is pretty good. Furthermore, Townsend students are textbook definition of nice kids. Millennium prepared me for college so well!

The teachers are all certified in their concentrations, real engineers walk the hallways, and college professors lecture about Hemingway in front of my desk. Welcome to the world of Geometry! At Millennium Brooklyn, I’ve gotten the chance to do research, intern, take AP classes, and do large presentations. Geometry Welcome to the world of Geometry! The building is also very safe.

The academics here are rigorous, but professors are more than willing to work with a student’s individual needs to help them take advantage of the school’s academic and communal resources.

She would go immediately from volleyball practice to cheerleading scuool several nights a week, and often go home covered in bruises from both sports. Academy is a really great school with amazing teachers and a very friendly environment.

schuylerville middle school homework

However, there are no doubts that Goldstein has high potential to solve these problems in the future. Mathematics Midlde 3 years of Mathematics are required to complete a high school diploma in New York State, though scyool is recommended because certain colleges require it.

Concepts presented in this course laid the foundation for modern mathematics as well as aided the development of calculus. Baruch is a small close with a close welcoming knit community.

Schuylerville Preparatory High School

At Schuylerville we seek to offer students a variety of math courses to build both foundation knowledge, as well as interest. She says managing both sports, three clubs and her schoolwork is a juggling act, but she has never regretted her decision. He may learn differently, but at Eagle Hill, he has acquired strategies to be successful in that way that he learns.


The fundamental purpose of this course is to formalize and extend the mathematics that students learned in the middle grades. She plans to continue cheerleading in the winter, is considering playing lacrosse in the spring and hopes to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in the fall with a major in production management.

The low number of students in the school made it possible for class sizes to be small and intimate, relationships with teachers and among students were genuine. This school was definitely challenging, but these rigorous academics really prepared me for my college courses. However, all students are expected to work through the rigorous curriculum and can do so with the aid of York College facilities such as the library and computer center.

Lab also has special days where we appreciate other cultures, celebrate each other, and create awareness on important topics. Correlating, the PA helps out a lot, scyool in setting up school events.

schuylerville middle school homework

There are a lot of stairs but its worth it. I will forever be grateful!

Homework | Troy City School District

The college office is one of the best of any high school I’ve seen, so helpful! The small school atmosphere provides students with lasting relations with the staff and each teacher and devote more time into each student helping the student become more ready for college.


It is also very helpful that the school has an in-house team of specialists – speech pathologists, psychologists, a social worker – who work with students and alongside faculty to support the children’s learning.

My experience at Manhattan Hunter Science Highschool was amazing. Additionally, we have college week where the teachers would explain to us about certain colleges and universities.

schuylerville middle school homework

Despite its vast investment in education, the school lacks funding therefore hmework cannot afford a large range of programs or clubs. Please turn it on if you’re experiencing issues. I’ve had an amazing experience, I highly recommend it.

Schuylerville Central School District

We have access to the college libraries for reports, lab facilities, and a quad to enjoy lunch with friends.

Everyone in the school knew each other, all the teachers and staff knew me by name! Perfect population size- close community, but you’re often meeting new people or getting closer to acquaintances.

Add to List View Nearby Homes. They constantly invest time after school such as office hours for extra tutoring. The core curriculum stresses a unique classical curriculum, especially in literature. THE college program really helps low-income families support their children to get a college education. Geometry Welcome to the world of Geometry!

There were many clubs available, I myself participated in a culinary club and teacher club.

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