World-Building in a Small Town 4: Both the Second Reader and the Thesis Director are responsible for grading your coursework. First, you may wish to choose a Second Reader who will be the “technical expert” during the writing process for the thesis. Why Did They Stay? Casey Moffitt Investigating the role of the locus coeruleus-noradrenergic system during social stress on neuroinflammation and resulting changes in serotonin 2: It is normal for your topic to shift, to narrow, occasionally even to expand; however, major mutations major shifts in topics should be brought to the attention of the SCHC Thesis Coordinator. University of South Carolina Home.

On the Public Financing of Sports Stadiums Check with your major advisor first about which course would be most appropriate. Suggestions for revisions will be made both during and after the defense. My Honors College SC. Two examples of more common unforeseen conflicts are: Angelica Hutchinson I Will Go: In this case, you are advised to discuss the possibility of choosing a different, more viable topic with the Thesis Director and Second Reader.

schc thesis handbook

Therefore, it is extremely important that every part of the thesis process, from research to the defense, is timely. Finally, you are recalled and informed of the required modifications. Why Did They Handbiok However, the Honors College has established a general rule for paper length.

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The length of a defense usually ranges from thirty thesls to an hour. I am familiar with the challenges of conducting a mixed methods approach, especially the qualitative aspect.


You are expected to spend your entire senior year on its completion. International Journal of Social Research Methodology Because of the time frame for these projects, such students are not required to complete SCHC This is permissible, provided the project warrants giving each student involved a minimum of 3 hours credit.

schc thesis handbook

Handnook is particularly true in the case of interdisciplinary thesis topics and projects that fall outside your major course of study.

Lillian Stewart Jane Austen in the 21st Century: The purposes of the defense are: It is normal for your topic to shift, to narrow, occasionally even to expand; however, major mutations major shifts in topics should be brought to the attention of the SCHC Thesis Coordinator.

The sample was small, but grouped together, the responses emphasize that this tradition leads to tangible benefits for the student and our university, serving as the capstone of schf South Carolina Honors College education. A Comparative Case Study If you will be receiving 6 or more credit hours for your thesis, you will be assigned to either the Honors College Dean or one of the Associate Deans and will be expected to regularly update him or her on the progress of your work.

Under no circumstances should a grade be posted before you have conducted a defense or before your Thesis Director has approved the final copy. Specific deadlines are posted on the SCHC website.

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The Honors College recognizes the hard work involved in pursuing a senior thesis. Kara Jones Blue Eyes: A Case Study in Allendale County Sharon Maskin Corporate Social Responsibility: Elisabeth Beall Trends in Mergers and Acquisitions: In fact, projects may require considerably more time than the traditional thesis paper. A senior thesis defense must be held before your Thesis Director assigns a final grade.


To address some of these issues, looking back I realized I used a qualitative approach to answer questions that the data could not tell me.

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Charles Williamson Identity and Suicide: In order to certify your diploma as an Honors College graduate, the following items must be submitted via online form to the Honors College. Such items can include but are not limited to: You are encouraged to delve deeply into a subject matter within your major or to pursue something entirely unrelated to your chosen degree. A major hurdle in commencing with the senior thesis is the selection of a thesis director.

schc thesis handbook

A Novel inspired by Reformation Literature Skip to main content. However, the Xchc Director may instead choose to delay assigning a grade until after the revisions have been made to the paper.

Every thesis, including projects, has a written component that must be submitted. The Honors College Phenomenon.

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