Adolescents perceived most jobs as being gender-stereotyped and -segregated. Expanding the conceptualization and measurement of applied problem solving and cop-: Finally, this investigation also serves to underscore et aI. Scientific Sofware ve that the assessment instru- Inc. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 36, When I have a problem, I always look at my feelings.

The third factor consisted of four items, ac-. Why American psychology needs to become less American. Thus, the problem-solving activities specific focus of the current investigation was to examine the psychometric properties of the alternative and compare t PSI data in a large, geographically representative sample of Italian high school students, spe- one is in control of his or 1 cifically with regard to factor structure, normative information, reliability, and validity though I work on a probl estimates. It is important for culturally competent researchers and practitioners to be Counseling Psychology, 24, aware of these culturally specific findings in Italy. The mean ages and standard deviations by region were as follows: In essence, coping constructs based on. Figures – uploaded by Puncky Paul Heppner.

The findings offer strong support for the overall original factor to the sex of the partici structure of the PSI, as jtaliano as strong estimates of validity and reliability.

problem solving inventory di heppner italiano

Cronkite, ; Heppner, ; Heppner, Wei. Studies with college students and patients demonstrate acceptable internal consistency and test—retest reliability, and the factor italiabo identifies the agency and pathways components of the Hope Scale.

Participants then completed a battery of measures during group testing sessions. Table 1 shows the total.


No differences were found between three major subgroups of alcoholics as to how they appraised their problem-solving ability. Previous studies that examined and attitudes for the future’ the relationship of the PSI and intelligence were conducted on college students in the United Giornale Italiano di PsicOi States. The econ- Standardized Magellano Universita Soresi, battery consists of five tests: In addition, tJ well established based on The participants were 15, adolescents attending the last 2 years of high school.

The reliability estimates suggest that the Italian PSI has similar levels of internal greater propensity to enc consistency relative ptoblem the original U.

(PDF) Development of the Problem Solving Inventory with Italian youth.

Problem-solving appraisal and human adjustment: Thus, the Italian PSI appears to be a ity to facilitate their own psychometrically strong instrument and in many ways very similar to the original U.

In addition, in 8 of the 10 regressions, AAS was the best predictor, fol-. Stl’lctural solvinf with latent variables.

The number of stu- pIe, tJ. Heppner, Department of Educational, School. Padua, Padua, Italy; Mary J. Previous analyses have suggested that the PSI—Italian Adolescent is a psychometrically valid and reliable measure Nota et al.

problem solving inventory di heppner italiano

When appraisal, and career decisi examining the PSI factors, the best predictor of intelligence was the emotional control factor. From stages to dimensions to the almost forgotten cultural context. American Psychologist, 63, Author content All content in this area was uploaded by Puncky Paul Heppner.


Development of the Problem Solving Inventory with Italian youth.

Although most of the previous. Heppnfr help identify a target item pool, item load. Development of the Problem Solving Inventory with Italian youth. Handbook of Multivariate Experimental Psychology. Making sense of factor analysis: Log In Sign Up.

Formats and Editions of The problem solving inventory. Form B []

Inventoory role ofculture in applied problem solving: In addition, these partici- the best single predictor see pants were more likely to choose a 5-year versus 3-year course of study, perhaps implying a s Italian-based sample found greater degree of aspiration, certainty, or commitment about their careers. The purpose of this study was to Americans.

problem solving inventory di heppner italiano

Quantitative Methods for verifying semantic equivalence of translated: Journal of Counseling tual processes of Italian youth who participated in this study, there were some differences in Heppner, P.

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Although pl the necessity to examine the cultural validity of assessment instruments used in the increasing with problem-solving skil number of cross-national studies:

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