You can do this online at www. Each registration is valid for a semester. Be sure to write your matriculation number and the name of the module concerned on the note. You’ll find the deadlines for booking block courses in biology on the biology home page. If there are delays, you run the risk of not being able to book any modules in that particular booking period.

Table of contents What do I have to remember during the semester enrollment procedure? In some cases transcripts for students at other faculties are printed and sent out earlier than this. I want to do a course at the Language Center of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich In principle, credit points from language courses offered by the language center can be credited as independent electives for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. After having fulfilled your teaching contributions and at least one month before registering for the thesis defense, send the form Confirmation of teaching activities PDF, 91 KB to the ASO phd. If you have a minor of a different Faculty than MNF, the deadline is 2 weeks. Once your application to graduate has been processed you’ll automatically receive a provisional confirmation.

Students who have successfully completed their Bachelor’s degree course in Biology can continue their studies by choosing a consecutive Master’s program application for a direct entry via the semester enrolment or a specialized Master’s program requiring an application at the specific program, admission dissertatlon on specific criteria. Don’t forget to note your matriculation number on the copy of the certificate. However, if work on the thesis is interrupted by one or more block courses, a corresponding extension of the duration is possible and should be noted on the learning agreement in advance.

UZH – Studium Biologie – Master’s degree Course

Don’t forget the last doublepoint! Up to 10 ECTS worth of additional modules than required can be accounted in the final grade average.


If illness prevents you from taking an exam, whatever dlssertation case you must submit a doctor’s note original copy to the Student Affairs Office within 5 days. If a module can’t be booked online you’ll find details of how and where to register in the online course catalogue. Research internships are not counting towards a Master’s degree!

UZH – Faculty of Science – FAQ

You’ll find more information in the guidelines for each subject or from the academic advisor responsible. Mnc for spring semester modules take place in calendar weeks 22 to Follow the instructions on the form, complete it, and submit it to the office specified. In principle, credit points from language courses offered by the language center can be credited as independent electives for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

Before submitting the thesis, PhD students must obtain 12 ECTS credits refer to the homepage of individual PhD programs for details and fulfill teaching requirements. Studying and Military Service A fact sheet is available containing general information on coordinating your studies with recruit school: Registration is free of charge for University of Zurich students.

For regular courses extending over the whole semester, the deadline for registering is generally the Sunday of the third week of the lecture period.

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You’re allowed to transfer up to 30 ECTS credits from a Bachelor’s to a Master’s degree provided these credits are eligible for transfer and dlssertation not required for your Bachelor’s degree. The ASO will confirm the completion of your teaching requirements on this form and send it back to you. Further information on required courses are listed on the respective Master’s programs. Students are not awarded with additional credit points for attending these seminars and colloquia. Each mnt is valid for a semester.


Demonstrate Presentations A Beamer is available for presentations.

mnf dissertation uzh

The published registration and deregistration deadlines are binding. The process for booking modules for the fall disseryation begins around the second week of August. In this case you must ask the instructor responsible whether you have to attend the practical course or training again.

Because semester enrollment for the following semester takes place before the results for the current semester’s modules are known, you have to assess uxh yourself whether you’re going to be able to graduate with your Bachelor’s degree in the current semester or not.

Doctoral studies

Invoke pdfLatex as usual and Acrobat Reader will then automatically display your document in landscape orientation. Minors at other faculties are subject to the other faculty’s regulations. From Maygrades for language dissertatkon will be credited automatically and included in your online summary of credits within a matter of days.

mnf dissertation uzh

The duration of the Master’s thesis is one year. You can change the combination of programs at each semester enrollment.

To mnt credits from language courses to be transferred, please submit a copy of the certificate from the language center to the Faculty of Science Student Affairs Office, either at the counter or by post. What should I do? This learning agreement must dissertaton be signed by the student and the Head of the Academic Support Office of Biology and is binding. You’ll find more information on the ETH website at www.

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