In , in the fierce political era surrounding the Mickey Lake agreement, after the flag of Canada was burned in Quebec, the Quebec flag was defeated by the protesters in Blockville, Ontario, in violation of Quebec’s language law It was. Greater provincial control of immigration. In , an effort was made to work out this job for Quebec. The Meech Lake Accord envisioned a nation quite different from the vision articulated by post-war Liberal federalism. Under the Constitution Act of , the provinces and the federal government were given joint or parallel jurisdiction over immigration, leading to a series of agreements on the settlement of new immigrants in Canada. This aspect of making modifying the constitution is referred to as constitutional change Parker The process through which the Accord was created was attacked.

The accord proposed five alterations in the Constitution of Canada that would alter the methods of amending the constitution. Meech Lake failed after gaining the consent of all 10 states within the specified period. In addition, the two states Inga and Canada are considered ” Harper opposed this agreement as he thought that indigenous peoples should also obtain special status. The Meech accord elicited some popular criticism both of process and criticisms of substance. The Accord slightly changed the existing method for amending the Constitution.

The accord as well spelt out a social agreement to support living standards related to health, education and employment.

meech lake accord essay

To become law the Accord had to be ratified within three years by Parliament and the legislatures of all 10 provinces in accordance with s41 of the Constitution Act of This is one of what Meech gave to Quebec province, it did not give to all states.

The five principle demands of Quebec province that it needed to be satisfied before it could sign the accord were: Great Canadian Prime Minister? A constitution is a collection of written or unwritten rules and regulation that governs a country or a nation.

Actpassed in Quebec, was a law that pacified Act For some specialized listed matters, the formula required the consent of Parliament and the legislatures of all of the provinces.


There still exists a looming shadow of Quebec province regarding the ability of Canada to reconstitute itself. His chief end for this freshly formed group was to do Quebec a crowned head state which would be associated with but equal to the Canadian federal authorities. These were the demands made in the Meech Lake Accord. This is just a sample.

Meech Lake Accord

As a result, all specialized matters such as changes to the Senate and the creation of new provinces came to require the unanimous consent of Parliament and the legislatures of the provinces. If there is a chance to make further amendments to the Constitution, at the magnitude of the Meech Lake Accord, then the consultation of Canadian citizens including natives, afcord, Francophones, Anglophones, Allophones, immigrants and political advisors from various regions and with different perspectives must be attained if there is any hope for success.

Changes were as well meeech in the House of Commons that would lead to the increase and equalization of seats in each province irregardless of the population in the province.

Canadian politics– aboriginal politics in canada words – 11 pages -Indians to regain and retain status under the Indian Act for themselves and esway children. This time, indigenous autonomy was included in the agreement known as the Charlottetown agreement, the relevant autonomy was not defined. This was by fact considered impractical in country with two main societies: Most of them are online right now and ready to work on your!

meech lake accord essay

Another effort soon appeared, it is the Charlottetown agreement in that would give Lake Mudgee of Quebec the most power. In most cases constitutional makers are immersed in current problems as they make the constitution such that they do not think of the future esssay they formulate the constitution.

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We have a large number of writers specialized in. This law did not in any way relieve the anger of English Canada and as a result of this blatant discrimination against non-Francophones within Quebec; many English speaking Canadians resisted and condemned the Meech Lake Accord.


meech lake accord essay

This position will recognize the inherent rights of indigenous autonomy. Regionalism would start to take place and the idea of a strong federation would cease lqke exist any longer.

The rejection of the accord served to foster the traditional nationalism in Canada. The formal method of changing a constitution involves submitting a bill that suggests change to the legislative house.

Canada’s Meech Lake Accord Essay

Consequently, the accord was considered a fury and angered the aboriginal group and other ethno cultural minorities since they saw the accord as a plot to marginalize them and to leave them outside Canada.

They had felt this manner of all time since Confederation took topographic point. For the purpose of this paper, I will be looking at what the demands were, who supported and who opposed them as well as my own opinion about the Meech lake accord.

The first demand, a formal voice of Quebec in Supreme Court appointments. Canadians had also grown weary of the many years of constitutional wrangling.

A series of consultation in the public were held in preparation for the referendum sccord was to determine the fate of Quebec. Since then, indigenous peoples have advanced to some extent. The Accord had to receive unanimous provincial ratification on or before June 23, A Critical Review of Peter H. Inthe Manitoba delay gave Wells an excuse to avoid bringing the issue to a vote, ultimately delivering yet another blow to the Meech Lake Accord, and ensuring its disintegration.

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