There is an issue with custodial sentences, and I put it before the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee. I would rather recover the victims than catch the criminal involved. There is almost no profit in petrol. If I tell you that there is a huge amount of fraud in the VAT system, you probably will not be surprised. The Department of Justice has its own arrangements.

The chameleon effect of cybercrime is a concern throughout the UK. However, if I am corresponding with you on a Hotmail address and someone else signs into it, he or she could be saying things to you and you would think that it is me. In our criminal cases, we have had significant confiscations and some of our tactics are to make referrals to Mr Lauder, of SOCA, which has taken responsibility for the Asset Recovery Agency. You have each got your own accountability structures, but there is no accountability for the overall group. We have a free exchange of intelligence, and, where there are advantages to be taken, we make sure that we engage with the guards in the passing of intelligence to our mutual benefit. We feel that there is benefit in a strategy document to concentrate minds and to provide information publicly that had not been in the public domain before.

If you can give us those figures now, that would be great.

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Cybercrime is a tremendously chameleon structure. The place of supply changed from where the supplier was based to where the customer is located as some companies were avoiding UK VAT. The figures that you have provided are pretty startling. Where the new company carries on the same kind of business as the predecessor, the transfer of the trade […].


Given that so much of that is cyber-fraud or cyber-exploitation, how much detail do you go into to try to track or trace those people?

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Where we have been frustrated, SOCA has picked up substantial settlements. I cannot do so today. That conference happens every year. Forestry Commission Last updated: Read press releases, watch live and archived video Find out more. Are you talking about an online ability to report the fraud directly to Hotmail?

hmrc business plan 2012-15

That is what I am trying to ascertain. There will be a large businews of businesses which have a turnover currently under the Making Tax Digital MTD registration limit but which will be getting nearer to that figure over time. Some people do not realise that they are the victims of trafficking. In our office, a significant number of cases have husiness, or are being, investigated, and many are with the Public Prosecution Service.

hmrc business plan 2012-15

Prostitution would not exist in Northern Ireland if it was not for the men who are using those people. The next big step will be the introduction of quarterly reporting of income and expenditure by businesses and landlords from It is a massive problem, and we are very conscious that it needs to have a high focus and to be addressed.

It might take them 10 months to work it out.

It is separate from the policing plan. Unfortunately the Republic of Ireland, like the UK, has not signed up in full to that protocol, but it has signed up to section 40, which allows for a cross-European border interface in dealing with partners and others.

Yes; it does not have this system. Busjness Government published a review of the tax arrangements That would cut out getting the fuel at a lower, discounted price. There is a scam on Hotmail whereby someone writes to ask you for your details and then, once they get your address, they say that they are in Nigeria and ask you to send 5, euro.


It will be cross-cutting.

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There is a tobacco manufacturer in the Province, and it says busimess fraud has a huge impact on it. All the time and effort spent on trying to get the marker out of it will be wasted.

He said in the House 2012-1 Commons that there is an isotope, or tracer, that can plann put in fuel, which cannot be laundered out but can be scanned for, and will immediately identify fuel. The paper sets out three core strands of work that are associated with those objectives.

Business plan indicators are initial management information to provide an indication of HMRC’s performance, and are therefore subject to revision and audit. Because each of us has our own accountability structures, we are accountable. Department for Business, Innovation and Skills business plan quarterly data summary Published by: A number of the crime gangs involved in trafficking use the same importation routes as other commodities, so they vary their criminality.

A disproportionate element of tobacco fraud is organised in the Province and close by in hjrc Republic of Ireland.

hmrc business plan 2012-15

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