A client with an abdominal cholecystectomy returns from surgery with a Jackson-Pratt drain. Which of the following nursing interventions would you expect? The priority intervention for this client is:. The nurse is discussing breastfeeding with a postpartum client. The physician suspects vitamin B12 deficiency anemia. Which of the following activities would the nurse recommend?

Hematology ; Swerdlow PS. The nurse is caring for a client admitted with multiple trauma. Diazoxide Hyperstat is ordered. The client admitted 2 days earlier with a lung resection accidentally pulls out the chest tube. A client is brought to the emergency room by the police. A child with scoliosis has a spica cast applied. The client with confusion says to the nurse, “I haven’t had anything to eat all day long.

hesi case study sickle cell anemia quizlet

A primigravida quizlt diabetes is admitted to the labor and delivery unit at 34 weeks gestation. A client with mania is unable to finish her dinner.

hesi case study sickle cell anemia quizlet

The elderly client is admitted to the emergency room. The nurse is observing several healthcare workers providing care. On the diagram, place an X on the Tail of Spence.

Sickle-cell disease occurs more commonly in people or their What Causes Sickle Cell This child has sickle cell disease. The client is having electroconvulsive therapy for treatment of severe depression.

The client with preeclampsia is admitted to the unit with an order for magnesium sulfate. A client is admitted to the hospital with a temperature of Before the procedure, the nurse should:. The physician has ordered an MRI for a client with an orthopedic ailment.


hesi case study sickle cell anemia quizlet

A client with a total knee replacement has a CPM continuous passive motion device applied during the post-operative period. A client is admitted to the labor and delivery unit in hfsi labor. Which of the following statements would the nurse expect her to make? Mary 01 D 02 B 03 D Hesi sickle cell anemia case study. A year-old male is admitted in sickle cell crisis.

Hematology ; Swerdlow PS.

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A client with sickle cell anemia is admitted to the labor and delivery unit during the first phase of labor. The client who arrives with a large puncture wound to the abdomen and the client with chest pain. If the client experiences hypotension, the nurse would:. A client with diabetes asks the nurse for advice regarding methods of birth control.

The client’s platelet count currently is 80, It will be most important to teach the client and family about:. The nurse is evaluating nutritional outcomes for an elderly client with bulimia.

The nurse knows that the purpose of the medication is to:.

Sickle cell anemia case study quizlet – Sickle Cell Anemia Flashcards | Quizlet

A 2-year-old toddler is admitted to the hospital. The nursing assistant assigned to the client with hepatitis fails to feed the client and give the bath.


A client with diabetes visits the prenatal clinic at 28 weeks gestation. Which category of medication prevents the formation of antibodies against the new organ?

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A client is discharged home with a prescription for Coumadin sodium warfarin. The client with suspected meningitis is admitted to the unit. A client visiting a family planning clinic is suspected of having an STI. Which instruction should be included in the discharge teaching?

Sickle Cell Anemia A Fictional Reconstruction Case Study Answers

Continue sickl infusion of magnesium sulfate while monitoring the client’s blood pressure. Which nursing intervention is most critical during the administration of acyclovir? The nurse is assessing the deep tendon reflexes of a client with preeclampsia. A pregnant client with a history of alcohol addiction is scheduled for a nonstress test. The client is admitted with left-sided congestive heart failure.

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