Bauer also argued that these linguistic limitations substantially impaired Goldhagen from undertaking broader comparative research into European antisemitism, which would have demanded further refinements to his analysis. Some historians have characterized its reception as an extension of the Historikerstreit , the German historiographical debate of the s that sought to explain Nazi history. Instead, Goldhagen became a bellwether of German readiness to confront the past. The Israeli historian Omer Bartov wrote that to accept Goldhagen’s thesis would also have to mean accepting that the entire German Jewish community was “downright stupid” from the midth century onwards because it is otherwise impossible to explain why they chose to remain in Germany, if the people were so murderously hostile or why so many German Jews wanted to assimilate into an “eliminationist anti-Semitic” culture. Some of his critics have agreed with him that his thesis is “not intrinsically racist or otherwise illegitimate”, including Ruth Bettina Birn and Norman Finkelstein A Nation on Trial.

Concerning Order Police Reserve Battalion , the Australian historian Inga Clendinnen wrote that Goldhagen’s picture of Major Trapp, the unit’s commander as an antisemitic fanatic was “far-fetched” and ” Eloquently written, meticulously documented, impassioned Goldhagen’s book was treated as a way of ensuring that Germany came to terms with its past. Might latent antisemitism not resurface in propitious circumstances, as it did under Hitler? American Political Science Association. In a society where eliminationist norms were universal and in which Jews were rejected even after they had converted, or so he argues, the rise of this extreme form of assimilation of Jews would hardly have been possible. Get to Know Us.

There were regional variations in anti-Semitism even within Germany. Author goes to Berlin to debate Holocaust. For half a century people have wondered how the Holocaust could have taken place in a “civilized” country.


goldhagens thesis hitlers willing executioners

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Retrieved from ” https: Inthe American columnist Jonah Goldberg argued that “Goldhagen’s thesis was overstated but fundamentally accurate.

Why, if eliminationist antisemitism was universal, do you think that such euphemisms were necessary?

goldhagens thesis hitlers willing executioners

Whatever the variations, I think Austrian and German anti-Semitism can be seen of a piece, where there was a central model of Jews and a view that they needed to be hitlerss. Inthe American historian Christopher Browning published a book titled Ordinary Men about the Reserve Police Battalionwhich had been used in to massacre and round up Jews for deportation to the Nazi death camps in German-occupied Poland.

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Finally, Mommsen criticizes Goldhagen for errors in his understanding of the internal structure of the Third Reich. Eliminationist racism rears its ugly head in many parts of the world today with depressing regularity. Goldhagen himself mentions that a large proportion of the Jewish upper classes in Germany converted to Christianity in the nineteenth century.

The antagonist as liberator The New York Times. A very large number of ordinary Germans were involved—a minimum figure of ,—and until this point, you have probably read close to nothing about the actual people who hilers out the killings, manned the camps, and guarded the ghettos.

Read reviews that mention ordinary germans willing executioners hitlers willing german people final solution police battalions world war daniel jonah daniel goldhagen goldhafens society third reich human beings eliminationist anti-semitism six million collective guilt nazi party men and women jonah goldhagen women and children goldhagen book. What thesis did Goldhagen set out to prove with this book?

What do the words “pacification” and “resettlement” really mean, according to the Nazi lexicon? By the time Hitler came to power, Goldhagen attests, hatred of Jews was a fully accepted, even institutionalized element of the culture; hence he found no shortage of willing executioners among ordinary Germans with whom to implement his terrible “final solution.


Stay in Touch Sign exectioners. Goldhagen lays out everything in exhausting detail.

Daniel Jonah Goldhagen’s ‘Crazy’ Thesis: A Critique of Hitler’s Willing Executioners

A Critique of Hitler’s Willing Executioners”. Goldhagen’s tjesis tour became, in the opinion of some German golduagens voices, “a triumphant march”, as “the open-mindedness that Wjlling encountered in the land of the perpetrators” was “gratifying” and something of which Germans ought to be proud, even in the context of a book which sought, according to some critics, to “erase the distinction between Germans and Nazis”.

Write a customer review. Had there not been a depression in Germany, then in all likelihood the Nazis wouldn’t have come to power. Human traits do run in certain genetically related populations sickle cell disease or pseudocholinesterase deficiency for example but humans are less dissimilar from each other than dogs and cats are.

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Hitler’s Willing Executioners Reader’s Guide

Cambridge University Press, p. Some of his critics have agreed with him that his thesis is “not intrinsically racist or otherwise illegitimate”, including Ruth Bettina Birn and Norman Finkelstein A Nation on Trial.

Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Archived from the original on Theais 4, Published by the Central European Universitybased on a public lecture series. Alfred Knopf, pp.

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