Kulmohan Singh congratulated all on this pious occasion and inspired the students to emulate the teachings of Sikh Gurus through the project Ek Muthi Daal. Various activities were taken up by the students enthusiastically. In teacher , s talk, Mrs. They explored the jungle through nature walks and jeep safaris. K inspired the budding athletes with his encouraging words.

They conveyed their gratitude to their mentors and gave tribute to Dr. The students came forward in their vibrant costumes. Inderjeet Kaur Chaggar and Ms. The teachers gratified their taste buds with regional cuisines at a number of state-themed restaurants at the food Court called Cultural Gully. Students showed their interest and enjoyed there.

Homwwork School Principal Mrs. Hand Made Paper Bags Competition Students were asked to make colorful handmade paper bags promptly the use of paper bags instead of plastic bags to reduce pollution a save environment.


The Personality Development capsule course boosted the confidence of the students and polished their public speaking skills. She ghs highlighted that the Sikh minority that added up to a meagre 2.

The occasion was graced by Col. Hopiday applauded and commended the great efforts of students. The event commenced with the invocation of the blessings of the Almighty by a soulful rendition of the School Shabad Deh Shiva Bar Mohe We also had amongst us few members from Sukhshala Old Age Home.

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The entire environment reverberated with Khalsa salulations. It was an activity they enjoyed thoroughly.


On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev jithe founder of Sikhism, our school children participated in Nagar Kirtan with great zeal and religious ardency on 3 November Four students per house participated in the competition. Different people come from different walks of life to provide services to other people.

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Students also prepared stick puppet mangoes with the help of the teachers. This programme were greatly enjoyed by all.

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She emphasised on the 3 Ps to success- Patience, Persistence and Hliday. The School Principal, Ms. The programme commenced by recital of Rehraas Sahib Indiaa followed by Kirtan Samagam in which the students participated enthusiastically, reciting Shabads in Guru’s honour.

Davinderjeet Kaur Dhingra, motivated the children to derive the learning from the life of the patron Guru and live true to his ideals. They taught the people, who had come to attend the workshop, Punjabi alphabets and word formation.

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bomework To invoke the blessings of almighty and to seek bountiful benedictions, an Inter House Ardas Rendition Competition was held in school Gurdwara on 5 October Dhingra, applauded the efforts of the children and emphasized the importance of being an aware and well-read citizen. They had beautiful masks, different props and a few were dressed as crow but they were looking so cute.

Be Wow-ed by Speedy Results! Participants were asked to speak on the spot on the given topic for one minute. A Presentation depicting India s freedom Struggle from to was showcased by senior students, thus saluting the heroes the great martyrs for their supreme sacrifices and attainment of the most valued Freedom.


Inspirational and enlightening talk hoiday Sardar Patel’s life was delivered by a staff member.

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The main attraction for the students was the My Stamp Counterfrom where one can get personalized stamps. The winners were presented certificates and gifts, hand-crafted by students. Many activities like sloganposter makingphotography competition, skit, essay writing etc have been planned over the next week to sensitise the students that change can be brought about only if we begin with us.

Students were very happy to see the vibrant colour of flowers. He highlighted the main features of ‘Eicher Bus’ which fullfil all 40 necessary conditions under M. They danced, sang gae and learnt to greet mothers. Emphasizing the role of grandparents in the development of the child, the Principal Ms.

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The participants from classes III to V performed well. A special presentation was given by school Dhadhi Jatha singing the praises of Guru Harkrishan Sahibji.

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