Groggy and out of options, we settled for a Starbucks. It looks like a stowaway from the punk rock days of the s, or the tenements of a century earlier. Long before we separated, we knew what it felt like to arrive somewhere and find your expectations thwarted. We tried making plans for our convalescence, whenever that might be, but it was impossible to talk for long about anything besides whether to eat and what to watch next. His essay looked at his life as a South African academic working in the shadow of the Man Booker-winning author. The ceremony crackled with coughs.

Before it was our hotel, for example, Grand was a grubby two-story shanty built in the s. A few drinks for himself, a few for the bartender, and then he made it known he was looking for a good time. Companies Show more Companies links. A carpenter and a butcher. We saw a couple of plays: When I left our sickroom for some necessity, I looked like any other New Yorker, head down, shoulders hunched, walking as fast as I could.

The next day I had it too.

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Our friends in town came rt see us, brought food, tried to cheer us up, the atmosphere somewhere between hospital visiting hours and Victorian salon call.

Another pocket history of the neighbourhood. There were still farms on Manhattan then.

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She owed nothing to the past, she felt — it was a kind of hotel, somewhere to pause before going on. The cops evidently blew their cover — when they came to make arrests the place was deserted. Opinion Show more Opinion links. Personal Finance Show more Personal Finance links.


ft bodley head essay prize

The building sold again inin worse shape, for six times that amount. Walls the colour of unbrushed teeth. The tourists were ruining things again. My wife could not bear to foreclose the possibility of a better life somewhere else. Chickens were butchered at Grand for most of the 20th century. Thus justified, any fun we did have felt like pure gift, with no opportunity cost.

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That was six years ago, when The Bodley Head, an imprint of Random House, and the Financial Times launched the first edition of our prize for the brightest and best new voices in long-form essay-writing.

But the uninoculated are bombarded with smells, crowds, architecture, history, and are infected. It can be wide-ranging or minutely focused and, in keeping with the ethos of both sponsors, wssay can address any topic — from finance and current affairs to history and scientific discovery.

ft bodley head essay prize

We accommodated and compromised, as spouses are supposed to, but the affectionate sacrifices of love became confused with the saccharine deference we all give the ill. But sitting in an airport and then on a plane — unalloyed horror at the best of times — was impossible, and neither of haed wanted to be the one to admit the trip was beyond salvaging.


Even if we resist change, try to hoard memories, they priz us. Luxury stores and the law firms that employed their customers. Long before we separated, we knew what it felt like to arrive somewhere and find your expectations thwarted. So I said, several times, as the episode repeated through the night. The window had no screen, or else we could remove it, because we climbed out on the neighbouring building to smoke and store our takeout.

So we made a few excursions. How to Enter Please click here to enter your essay for prize. The city filled it in and built a prison on it.

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So often it turns out the past has nothing to tell us. Too much has changed, the continuity is broken. Companies Show more Companies links. We only saw the Statue of Liberty from the plane home.

Mark Clemens December 28, World Show more World links. Get a fresh start. This became common practice in our marriage.

Little arguments helped, they gave us roles to abide in for a few minutes. My wife was no better but also no worse, having slept 12 hours.

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