They are for BBL. I am sure they will help and will not oppose. Because it is not…. And we all need to find it and call everyone to stand by it…We cannot leave peace work only to those in the negotiating tables, the peace panels or the legislators, theirs is only the form, but the essence is within all of us. The Bangsamoro Organic Law: But they make up just a fraction of my memory. They must level the playing field.

The budget that would be given to them will take a big chunk from the National budget. The challenge to love without borders. There must also be representatives for non-Moro indigenous communities, youth, women, settler communities, traditional leaders, and other sectors. This block grant shall automatically be given without the necessary red tape that usually mars government transactions Art. Likewise, promoting one’s own agenda or interests such as those that are commercial or political through this site is discouraged, hence will be deleted.

Bangsamoro Organic Law

The MILF will then create its own political party to be involved in the governance of the new entity. This law needs thorough studying.

This can help in the economic development of the Muslim Areas. What would happen to them? Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro.

For me, it was not just another bill, not just another piece of paper that needs to be discussed, or just an opportunity to publicly show my brilliance. What we know now as the Bangsamoro struggle is a struggle for the Right to Self-Determination.

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Stakeholders from various sectors attending the public consultation of the House of Representatives on the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law at the Shariff Kabunsuan Cultural Complex in Cotabato City to show their utmost support for the immediate passage and ratification of the BBL. Another territory-related provision, the periodic plebiscite was aborted very early and did not reach the discussion proper even at the committee level in both Houses.


The Politics of the Bangsamoro Basic Law. It needs to be reviewed.

essay bangsamoro basic law

Officials have earlier called the ARMM a failure, marred by corruption and mismanagement. Roman Catholics and numerous Christian groups form a huge presence in several areas in the proposed Bangsamoro and surrounding areas, notably in Basilan, Cotabato City, the Cotabato region, Zamboanga City, Zamboanga provinces, and Lanao del Norte.

The passage of BBL was not initially set to be tackled by the 17th Congress. Wednesday, May 22, Retrieved 24 April Section 3 bArticle X of the law states that they are “citizens who are believers in Islam and who have retained some or all of their own social, economic, cultural, and political institutions.

essay bangsamoro basic law

I suggest they have a national plebiscite in order for the other regions to not question the unequal distribution of funds. And its history, a tangled web confusing to follow. The ad hoc committee should also take into consideration a negotiation not only with the MILF but also a negotiation between the other parties in the ARMM.

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But why am I against the implementation of it at this time? The concern is its management. First, peace; there are no winners in war. The best solution is to compromise. esszy

essay bangsamoro basic law

Bargaining Peace in Mindanao: Road to peace in Mindanao: In the last two years, the peace talks have reached a point where government troops and the MILF are conducting joint operations against other armed groups in Mindanao.


The six municipalities in Lanao del Norte and the 39 barangays in North Cotabato can be categorized as geographic areas, hence eligible to join the Bangsamoro. Maguindanaon Maranao Tausug Yakan.

Next issue is that there is an unfair budget allotment for the Bangsamoro government. The government must first talk and negotiate to all parties. When I think of life in my island, what I remember are my elders and their never-ending stories, the colors basicc patterns that insist on being beautiful while defying rules, the call to prayer bangsampro our mosques, the pangalay, a dance they say, but for us, is meditation in movement.

The Bangsamoro Organic Law and peacebuilding processes in the democratic space

We see how peace accords are always political in nature; hence ,aw should not be limited to a narrow legalistic view. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Various intergovernmental bodies will also be created to improve relations and resolve issues between the national and Bangsamoro governments.

If provisions for social justice and sustainable development are only rhetorically endorsed, this will be a disservice to the struggle of the Moro peoples.

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