I am in no way saying the diagram below is any better, but I hope it can be used to thing about risks. DPC and its lenders meet in London to discuss the payments issue. Next, would be the process to meet to discuss the risks attributed with the management areas. This is a bellwether project. The devaluation meant that Dabhol’s energy prices would soar to between two and five times the average price in the area. The differentiation between projects generally comes down to cost structure and efficiency. Past and present government officials agree that the early Hopewell contracts provided the model for all future power deals with the private sector.

Divestiture had greatly increased the risk facing investor-owned utilities, although it did not change the inherent system risk. Enron Corporation was the main sponsor owner or equity investor and developer of the project. I would like you to: I have also included references to my set of power point slides that describe project finance theory. Total generation capacity is 70GwH. Most importantly, the project reveals a fundamental question about project finance. Use the absurd assumption that the plant will run hours per year that is noted in the case maybe the plant will get a sick day — have an outage of 24 hours in leap years.

The utilities could have protected themselves against high wholesale price by entering contracts for financial hedges, designed to cover risks of buying power from a volatile spot market while selling it at a frozen retail rate. Casr Price Auction structure breaks down when there is a scarcity of supply Bi-lateral deals and forward contracting for blocks of energy is essential to reduce risks and guarantee adequate energy supplies.

The outcome lower the Dahbol case study is well known in project finance it is difficult not to call the project a dramatic failure. But if the demand is not surpressed, then the following four things could happen that would increase rates:. Storage, usage and management of the fuel are within the control of the IPP. From the dbahol perspective, returns have been mixed. Virtually all of the formerly government owned generating capacity was divided into three companies, two of which — National Power and PowerGen — owned power plants that were privatized, while the third was a government owned company that controlled nuclear stations.


The devaluation meant ppr Dabhol’s energy prices would soar to between two and five times the average price in the area. For a small fee you can get sthdy industry’s best online privacy or publicly promote your presentations and slide shows with top rankings.

I am not allowed to put the HBS case itself on the website because of copyright issues. I hope you make a much better diagram that allows the reader immediately understand risks and mitigations associated with the different contracts. Almost from the start, participants on all sides probed for weaknesses.

Enron invokes the political force majeure clause in its contract with MSEB, stating that unfavorable political conditions have prevented it from fulfilling contractual obligations. IPPs in the Philippines have exhibited a wide variety of characteristics from fuel choice to the composition of project sponsors and the identity of the projeft. If it can’t happen here-with the most respectable sponsors, with independent fuel supply, and the most financially stable state-can it happen anywhere in India?

Project Finance Case Study – Dabhol Power Plant – Edward Bodmer – Project and Corporate Finance

Stydy, which was 65 percent owned by Enron, was to build the power plant. Many of the new plants that were built were able to achieve stud levels of debt financing. In response, the government has not tried to renegotiate the pricing in the IPP contracts these costs are still passed through to TNB and to customers. High deliverables for the project include; what software NOS, Computer OS, anti-virus, and applications, firewalls is needed, what ppt computers, servers, cables, opt, VOIP, firewallsis needed, documentation, budget, scheduling, planning.

Dabhol power project case study pptreview Rating: I have not included my comments in the resources available for downloading below. Procure professional services Phase 8: The case is old, but it has a lot of project finance lessons.


dabhol power project case study ppt

You can use PowerShow. In making the calculation, you will need to convert the data in Rupiah to USD.

Project Finance Case Study – Dabhol Power Plant

Do not worry about the length of this caae — I have tried to put a lot of details in the sections so you can concentrate on the central learning issues. Other than poower HBS case, resources that should help you completing the case and are available download in different sections include:. Regulators should avoid rate freezes that expose distributors to the possibility of an unsustainable squeeze on their cash flow occurring when rising wholesale power costs approach or even exceed fixed retail rates.

Scottish generation companies and Electricite de France are in charge of imports into England and Wales. Enron played a much bigger role than previously believed in California’s energy market. I think a good answer to this question would be to try and evaluate what will happen to the off-taker as a result of signing dabhpl PPA contract.

dabhol power project case study ppt

The California power crisis of gave reform an unjustified bad image. The current owner is never in the building and has proved over time that he is not wanting to run this business anymore. stkdy

Gas prices were a key ingredient in FERC’s formula for determining justifiable electricity prices during that period. They can–through manipulating whether their power plant runs on a particular day, and through manipulating the old system of biding–dramatically increase the price of power, or dramatically reduce the vabhol on any given day, which creates an artificial shortage, and then drives up the price power.

The fast track authority under this law expired in April

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