He settled in Blaj, and served as lawyer for the Greek Catholic Church to which he belonged. In reply, Ponta mentioned he had called for the investigation into Panait’s death to be reopened, stating the two had not met for some six months before that event, and that there had been no breach in their friendship. In , he was promoted to divisional general. After returning to Romania, he took a position in the Bucharest Court of Appeals. After completion of a lyceum in Bucharest in , he moved to Paris and completed a degree obtaining PhD in Law in Before this appointment, he was the country’s ambassador to the EU, and briefly the country’s ambassador in London.

ISBN 0- Among the demands voiced was the resignation of Ponta, tied within the protesters’ ranks to corruption and official indifference. Retrieved from ” https: Hasefer , , pp. He retired from the military in , dying in Bucharest two years later. Main Candidates in the Presidential Elections,” ibid. Beginning in July , Ponta found himself at the heart of a political crisis.

A participant in the Romanian War of Independence, he commanded units on the front at Pleven and Vidin. After he ciorvea his high school studies in Romania, he went to Prussia in to study in the German military academies and inwith the approval of the Romanian government, he joined the Prussian Army as a Sub-Lieutenant.


Nicolae Filipescu December 5, — September 30, was a Romanian politician. In cahoots with the conspirators against domnitor Alexandru Ioan Cuza, he allowed into the palace the officers who forced the ruler’s abdication.

He joined the United Nations inwhere he spent five years working as the Permanent Representative of Romania. A member of the National Liberal Party founded inhe was elected to the Assembly of Deputies in It also coincided with a considerable ciorbes boom in Romania.

Official portrail of Cihoski from C Conspiracy Theories and Anti-Semitism,” ibid.

curriculum vitae victor ciorbea

Once he returned to Romania, Stoicescu took a position of a judge at the Ilfov Tribunal and served there for one year. President of the Senate present.

New People’s Advocate – IOI News – IOI

In Aprilwithout the support of his own party colleagues but with the help of the ruling PSDhe became Ombudsman. Agony and Death of an Opposition Alliance,” ibid.

His victory was praised in Entente countries, and earned the general a sword sent to him by Yoshihito, the Emperor of Japan.

curriculum vitae victor ciorbea

Editura Lito-Tipografiei Populara, in Romani. Pennsylvania State University Press, pp.

Romanian Ministers of Defence

Nu am procedat corect. The cabinet was in office for slightly less than a year, resigning in the wake of the Colectiv nightclub fire. In the Theodor Stolojan cabinet, he was Minister of the Interior from to At the electionPonta won a seat in the Chamber of Deputies, where he served as both secretary and vice president of its permanent bureau; ciorvea he was re-elected in Introduction to Ukrainian Issues,” ibid.


curriculum vitae victor ciorbea

Inhe graduated from the University of Bucharest ‘s Law faculty. He was then appointed the post of the first secretary to the Romanian mission in Paris which he held in – The note was about a complaint from Petromidia about ciorba 27 May procedure problems:. Retrieved 4 November Victor Ciorbea cabinet Until the controversy began and his official curriculum vitae was modified, he claimed in the voctor to have received a master’s degree in International Criminal Law from the University of Catania in References “General Constantin Iancovescu”.

He also was the grandfather of poet Ion Pillat. Mihai Voicu Relation with Parliament. Retrieved from ” https: At the same time, he raised or introduced a number of taxes and fees, one of the most widely-felt being an increase in the fuel tax.

Catargiu Florescu Epureanu Ion C. Inhe was named head of the Oltenia regional museum. The Case of Romania,” Orbis, Vol.

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