Please submit legible solutions and show your work! We posted a handout of the Phi table and build you a little normal calculator to help you calculate Phi values. Most of the fixes to the lecture notes have been minor. More details to come in November. You get to bring together programming and probability. All you need to do is provide a tiny bit of feedback estimated 1 min effort. Labs Attendance to labs is optional but strongly encouraged.

The pset is due April 27th at 2: Attendance to lectures is mandatory. From what I saw on edx, it’s a completely different course. Problem Set 3 it out. We also made changes to the notation in problem 4 of pset 6.

Syllabus for COMPSCI A: Data Science 1: Introduction to Data Science

However, when it came time to do anything more interesting than plotting data, the course was very shallow many homework assignments boiled down to “fill in this space with a function that takes 20115 as input and outputs that”.

I ran into this problem a few months ago. Answered Dec 3, If you didn’t homwwork any, let us know. Data Science it have all the and etc lab. Answered Sep 23, Late Day Policy You are allowed up to 6 days of late homework submissions, maximum of 2 days on any single assignment, no questions asked.


cs109 homework 2015

Answered Oct 11, Is hlmework an online version of CS? An online LaTeX editor and compiler is available at www. The TFs monitor the posts but will respond no earlier than 24 hours from the posting time.

This quarter CS is using Piazza to facilitate questions. How deep does your stats knowledge need to be to understand this?

CS Data Science | Hacker News

Communication from Staff to Students Class announcements nomework official communication from staff will be through Canvas. We will provide updates if there is anything that needs further explination. Try and describe where the typo is as precisely as you can.

cs109 homework 2015

But the homeworks are great practice for the material, and those will remain public. How do I learn data mining? The latest material for Spring can be found at https: We will have in class quizzes to assess your understanding of the material and to help us identify gaps.

Former CS student Joe Delgado has written a nunber of snippets for Latex in Sublime, which he has made available on github. Sections Lectures and labs are supplemented by 1 hour sections led by teaching fellows. You dismissed this ad.


cs109 homework 2015

cd109 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3pm to 4: See Calendar for specific dates. There will be one midterm take-home to be done individually see Calendar for dates.

Welcome to CS109: Data Science

I completed CS course from Harvard, which other courses other than CS shall I take for hoomework career as a data scientist? Late minutes count as a whole day, e.

Class starts Monday, March 27th at 3pm in You should plan to attend one of the two. HW0 will cs1009 be graded but you are required to submit.

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Labs Attendance to labs is optional but strongly encouraged. Everyone should sign up: I pay cold hard cash. The CS Final is on June 6th at 3: It is due April 18th at 2:

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