The title is a concise statement identifying actual variables or theoretical issues under investigation and the relation between them. It is meant to fit the results of current research work into pre-existing pool of knowledge. All original articles should have a structured abstract. This section is placed after the dedication on a separate page and numbered in Roman numerals. Relevant details naming software to be used, which descriptive statistics and which test of significance if and when required, specifying variables where it will be applied. In Vancouver style for detail refer to page Conclusion s This is the last section of the text in which conclusions or inferences drawn on the basis of the results of study are described.

A hypothesis is a statement showing expected relation between two variables. Structured Abstract It is the first section of the dissertation. Name and place where the research work is to be conducted. This is the best place to show gratitude and appreciation. It must identify the importance of study, its relevance and applicability of results.

How to pakistan ecashdirect freshdirect. Below the abstract give few key words, which should not more than ten. A research must define how a vague term will be measured.

Cpsp dissertation pakistan

If one statistical test has been used throughout the manuscript, the test should be clearly stated in the methods section. Any computer program, if used, must dissertstion be specified. References should preferably be of the last five years, including some published in the recent past. The results section should include the: The abstract should be in structured form and should have headings of objective, design ,settings, subjects, interventions if applicable ,main outcome measures results and conclusions.


The CPSP dissertation is a document that contains relevant details of the research work conducted by the fellowship trainee relating to the problem selected.

PakMediNet – Guidelines for Synopsis and Dissertation Writing

Cultivating an inquiring mind Encouraging in depth study of common problems afflicting our people Generation of dssertation data locally Keeping abreast of new developments locally and abroad Understanding the fundamentals of research Rules and Requirements To prepare a dissertation acceptable to the CPSP, the rules and requirements prescribed below must be followed while writing. Architecture dissertation, cpsp dissertation much more sophisticated essay on science cpsp.

Your Username Your Password. The objective of writing a dissertation is to develop skills in fellowship trainees for: The trainee is expected to check all parts of each reference against the original publication, before the manuscript of the Dissertation is submitted to R.

A comprehensive review of the current status of knowledge on the selected topic must be included.

The importance of the topic selected The rationale of the study and discusses diseertation background. It must identify the importance of study, its relevance and applicability of results. Fotms ahmad pakistan essay about university health sciences founded fifty-four years ago, who sits on women empowerment in dissertation phd thesis on problems and pathology.

Number of subjects dropped out, or lost at any point in the study. Statistical terms, abbreviations and symbols must be defined. The study results should be placed in context with published literature. A special effort should be made to collect and review all work done in Pakistan on the chosen topic. It must have 4-cm margin, at all disswrtation sides of each page.

The contents of the tables should not be repeated in the text.


cpsp dissertation forms

It is meant to fit the results of current research work into pre-existing pool of knowledge. Title Page It is the very first page of dissertation.

cpsp dissertation forms

The results of the study should be examined and interpreted, and implications described. The language must be simple, direct and precise. It is important to be careful that the conclusions should not go beyond data and should be based on the study results and population.

Photomicrographs, if included in the dissertation, must have internal scale markers and symbols, arrows or letters in contrast to the background. The statistical tests mentioned in the csp must have proper references to enable an assessor or reader to verify the reported diwsertation. The research work or study must be planned in such a way that the entire study, including dissertation writing, is completed during the training period.

The date of submitting Dissertation is given at the lowest end of the title page. Mention the name of the appropriate study design. It should neither review the subject extensively nor should it have data or conclusions of the study. Table of Contents It is an important section of part I that contains the main headings of the text in the dissertation, annexes and page numbers in Arabic and Roman numerals. Only pertinent references are cited but not extensively reviewed in this section.

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