For me, my goals were as follows:. Personally, I did 30 dev jobs that I wanted to do, and 20 QA jobs that were less appealing but acceptable. When you get an offer, make sure to send an email to your employer as soon as possible. You may not negotiate a shorter work term commitment with your employer. Finally, familiarize yourself with the expected salaries before going in so you know what to expect for compensation.

In main round, this happens after all the main round of interviews is complete. Get there on time, where on time means ten minutes in advance. Sometimes your interviewer might ask for additional information or fun things like your favourite gif. Get people to look at it. Application package document order has been changed from:

Asking questions is a good thing to do, but do it as a second-to-last-resort. When you get an offer, make sure to send an email to reeddit employer as soon as possible.

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Read it out loud. Continuous is where you end up if you do not get a job in main round.

cover letter uwaterloo reddit

If your interviews interfere with your quizzes or important classes, email the other applicants, then CECA as a last resort. Things you can do to find a job on your own are:.


21 Signs You’re A Co-op Student at Waterloo

This will continue to have more attention in the future. Like the resume, tailor your cover letters. For phone interviews, you go directly to the call center which might be in the basement or the second floor; check the instructions at the top of your interviewcheck in with the receptionist, then wait your turn there. You never know whether the interviewer might have finished early or something.

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What kind of government funding is available for employers who hire co-op students? Be sure to thoroughly explain. Write cover letters only for jobs that you are really interested in. Reddot is a mess in terms of UX.

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Check your grammar and spelling! They assign you a rank from 1 reddkt 10, where 1 is they really want you, and 10 is preferably not but OK. You hate taking the non-credit professional development PD courses while on co-op.

Again, this takes less than 30 seconds, so just do it. It’s these two columns. The first part is a bunch of ratings about you: In orange, the mailing address. Since you go through so many interviews in a term, you can answer any frequently asked interview question in your sleep.


Everybody gets rejected at one point or another.

And you need co-op jobs in order to get a full time job. Skip to main content. In green, keywords and job description. During the Winter term, rankings were viewable Friday 2 March. Skip to main Skip to footer. What can I offer them?

You can use this for prepared questions as well.

Get a friend to ask you common interview questions, and try to answer them. On this page, we will update you with enhancements that have been added to the system and student-facing bugs that have been resolved. Work terms must consist of full-time employment hours per week for 16 weeks matching reddkt length of a four-month academic term. Rankings come out at the end of that month, and you have a weekend to decide how to rank companies.

Edit and refine your resume.

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