Assessment of whether papers fall within this scope is made by the members of the editorial board, who will reject papers which are not on suitable topics. Authors may optionally choose to publish their paper under the Oxford Open scheme. The editor will be informed of the request, but is under no obligation to grant it. In particular, authors are reminded that any of the following are considered to be serious breaches of scientific ethics, which will result in the immediate rejection of their paper: Please include an explanatory readme file in your archive.

All submissions are screened for originality using the iThenticate plagiarism detection system. Authors should note any special instructions regarding sizing or layout of figures and tables in their cover letter. This is the final chance for authors to make any corrections to their paper, so it is vital that the proofs are checked thoroughly for any mistakes. All fonts and any logos should be embedded as part of the file, and please use a common font like Times, Arial or Helvetica for labelling. Dates should be written as e. Letters should be self-contained and describe the results of an original study whose rapid publication might be expected to have a significant and immediate impact on the development of research in the associated subject area.

Step 2 – Choose at least one and up to six key words from the list provided.

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Please do not supply figures with long, complicated filenames. Overleaf also allows you to submit your manuscript files directly into our online submission system, without needing to upload files manually, as well as to make updates to those files if preparing a revised submission. Chi, but the work of Dr.

If there are any difficulties during submission, please contact the Editorial Office see section 7.


cover letter mnras

Long lists of citations of previous publications, notably in the Introduction, should be avoided, unless the articles cited are directly relevant to the subject of the submission and potentially valuable to the reader, when seeking to understand its contents.

Letters are published rapidly after acceptance in a separately paginated section of the journal and appear online only. In the case of long tables, mnrss paper should include a sample table consisting of the first 5—10 rows of data, and the caption should state that the full table is available leter.

Instructions to Authors

This should not normally exceed two or three sentences in length. Papers which are found to contain plagiarized including self-plagiarized material will be rejected. Reasons must be given in the cover letter next step.

Any colour files not printed in colour will be published as grey-scale in the paper journal and in colour on the web, free of charge. Recommend to your library Fill out our simple online form to recommend this journal to your library.

Citations in the text, tables or figure captions, should use the following style: Main Journal papers, Letters, Grey-scale images can be tricky to reproduce well, owing to the slight but unavoidable degradation loss of contrast that occurs during the printing process which involves wet ink on absorbent paper.

The exact appearance of a colour figure at any stage depends on the display medium and settings used: They are published within 30 days of receipt of the final manuscript files in the production office, and linked immediately into the NASA ADS.

Cover Letter Sample for a Lettet – thebalancecareers. After typesetting, editing, and proof correction, articles are immediately published in mnraas online issue and this constitutes official publication.

Papers of 20 pages or less will incur no page charges. If the manuscript is accepted for publication, the arXiv record will be updated with the article DOI and will link nnras the final published version of the article in the journal. Both forms of supplementary material will be automatically added to the PDF generated by the system.

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cover letter mnras

Hyphens one dash in LaTeX should be used for compound adjectives e. Authors may be charged for excessive changes during production see section 1. In most cases the author list will be the same as the original paper.

cover letter mnras

It is the responsibility of the author to upload such material to CDS and to ensure that it is in the correct format for the database. Cpver the Solar System, name surface features, moons, rings etc. Extinction is set A V i.

Once the PDF has been checked carefully, submission can be completed by clicking the ‘submit’ icon. Authors should familiarize themselves with their obligations under the Editorial Code. It is important to ensure that the line thickness used will withstand lettter possibly significant reduction in size.

Smith in preparation shows that… The reference list should be in alphabetical order by surname. Please also make sure that all labelling to be included in the figure [e.

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Private communications or papers in preparation should be listed as such in the text, but omitted from the reference list, e. An uncorrected version of your manuscript will appear online within 24 hours of you completing your Licence to Publish form. From June a major update to this package, version 3.

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