Remember that every piece of information counts. Here are further tips that will help you write well: You can visit several websites available online that provide mock exams and demo tests. Practice Speed-reading — Since there is a time limit, you must effectively communicate what you want to say with the correct information backing it up. As for the CBT phase, you need to prepare the Assessment Center to increase your chances of succeed and be amongst the best candidates.

The course is designed to cover a mix of the elements that are likely to be included in the real EPSO Case Study tests such as:. The EPSO AC is an advanced approach to evaluate pre-defined competencies with specific simulations individual or in team. Offered in both Pre-Selection and Assessment Centre format. This theme is an important aspect of the EU Strategy So, make sure you check properly the profiles just as you check the how-tos of the test. Get prepared for your aptitude tests! May dates for EPSO exam training sessions have been released!

The essay is the most important component of this test; therefore, it must be delivered with utmost clarity. The Case Study may be held in the participant’s second language. This Oral Test training session has been created specifically for your exam preparation needs.

EPSO Case Study

The case study simulation is one of the exercise where you will encounter a comprehensive dossier with many documents proposals, reports, statistics, Make sure that through your report, you have demonstrated the two for Administrators or four for Assistants key competencies assessed in the case study. You are now in the assessment centre phase.

case study epso administrator

Stuudy Is Key — Make your sentences as simple as you see fit. Plan Your Time xdministrator Though the competition already has a time limit, you must set the given time properly as well. So, make sure you check properly the profiles just as you check the how-tos of the test. Write Your Main Ideas — Write down the key sentences in every paragraph before the rest. Moving back, the Case Study is not eliminatory—unlike some of the tests you have to take.


But also to manage online documents and write your answers on a computer; Develop your critical thinking and mindset by developing an argumentation to answer open questions; Access important document that can cawe you for the EPSO AC documents on the EU main strategy.

Language skills play a big part in EPSO selection processes and significantly affect your ability to even work at an EU institution.

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What do you get in your AD Case Study simulation? Dtudy on the article below to familiarise yourself with this change so you can be fully prepared on exam day. We recommend that the length of your essay should be around one page per requested topic outlining three positive aspects about the selected solution and one negative or questionable aspect and putting those in balance. Outline, Outline, Outline — Nothing makes your essay flow well than an outline. Epsp are some important points to consider Brain dominance and personality types were new things for me” Mr.

case study epso administrator

However, before going in deep, it must be noted that not all competitions have a Case Study. How good is your knowledge about the European Union and its member states? Remember that every piece of information counts.

EPSO Case Study: A Quick Guide

As mentioned above, the subject of the case study reflects the tasks and duties expected of the position you are going after—either administratpr administrators or as assistants. The scores received by candidates of these tests were released this week, but the threshold for each profile is not known yet.


The EPSO Case Study is a computer-based test wherein candidates are given a relevant scenario and are faced with various problems that they have to solve or react based on the provided material. In order to practice what you have just learned, then a good mock case study is for you. In this test, candidates will analyse a problem, interpret data, consider alternatives and produce a written report describing administtrator solutions or recommendations. In fact, it is one of the most vital component whenever you enter an EPSO competition.

So let us cut to the chase and dive administrztor Jedi candidates – will you need to use the Force to solve this? Read Up the Notice of the Competition — Go back to the notice of the competition since this will give you an overview of the kind of role expected for the certain position you are going for within the EU institution.

case study epso administrator

If this feels intimidating, you do not have to worry. As for the CBT phase, you need to prepare the Assessment Center administfator increase your chances of succeed and be amongst the best candidates.

This will give you enough background to know how the case study will go as well as a hands-on experience in taking the case study exam. Make sure that you can communicate your ideas clearly and concise, while not losing touch of some creativity that will catch the attention of the marker.

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