The case does not give enough evidence of Quartz being made available in the DIY stores. However, Quartz flexibility of installation makes it a DIY product. Customers in this category are mainly concerned with low price and convenience. A few important facts can be seen from the table as below: But, we have to account for the fact that Quartz is a genius in itself and a lot of effort and resources has been put into its development, creating a product that customers ‘want’.

However, sales have not picked up since the four months of its launch. One interesting group of people in all the categories, who are not the consumers and hence could not be placed in the above figure are the plumbers – people who actually install the showers so that the customers can actually gain the benefits that they seek. Even though plumbers suggest Quartz, some price conscious consumers might not want to buy it because it is relatively expensive compared to other brands in the product category. Advertisement Plumbers Company Not focused on the biggest part of the market. This also includes a category of customers called DIY, consisting mainly of landlords and apartment dwellers – who install and select their own showers. So what should Aqualisa do?

Market Segments based on Price v. The consumers’ decisions are largely influenced by the plumber – either the plumber selects the shower or advices them on the type not the brand.

They are quite loyal to the brand that they have chosen and are apprehensive of any product innovations. Log In Sign Up. Aqualisw make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. A product is any offering by a company to a market that serves to satisfy customer needs and wants. Answers to Qhartz Study. The company spent almost 3 qartz and 3. Conclusion Aqualisa has truly developed a product that is going to lead the market – however has faced challenges in terms of effectively positioning it and delivering it to the end customer.


Although the plumbers are not Aqualisa’s prime customers, they have huge influence on the individual market segment, especially the value and standard customers. For this reason, Aqualisa will give a free quaetz to those of consumers.

aqualisa quartz case study ppt

As we can see, plumbers play a big mediator role in the distribution channel and reaching the end consumers. While a firm pursues new markets with existing products in market development, Aqualisa’s strengths lie not only in relationship with its existing markets being No.

Despite of its features such as quality, safety, cost of installation and ease of installation and usage, the early sales have been disappointing.

Aqualisa Quartz Simply a Better Shower Strategic Marketing Case 2

They also rely on the individual plumber to not only recommend or select a product for them but eventually install it. The customers need to be educated about the product and its studdy. Quartz has become the leading product of the showrooms, where it has gone on display.

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Aqualisa Quartz Simply a Better Shower Strategic Marketing Case 2 – ppt video online download

The only product offered by Aqualisa for this category was Stud at Developers: Registration Forgot your password? Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. This will also help build brand awareness, so the company can also target those types of consumers which will eventually lead more and more word of mouth. They are able to offer customers the actual users with a display – which is a key to Quartz success.


Consequently, the real problem here is how to boost sales.

Hence, the total cost for the customer is fairly the same in both cases. Quality, safety, low cost, ease of installation and usage Solves the problem of the wtudy and end customer Early sales were disappointing. Although they are not the end consumer, their role will be significant for Aqualisa when creating an effective marketing strategy.

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However, sales have not picked up since the four months of its launch. Final installation was usually carried out by the plumbers. Aqualisa offers a wide range of products to cater to the needs of each of its market segments, as has been described above. So what should Aqualisa do? Since, price is very important to this category they do not like to spend money on solutions that require excavations as they would increase installation costs.

These in turn will have a trickle down effect on the plumbers a major channel partner for Quartzsince they are forced to install what the customers want in the above cases. The suggestion is that Aqualisa should not change the product.

aqualisa quartz case study ppt

Aqualisa should invite plumbers and developers from all over the country for a weekend conference to present the benefits of the new product and demonstrate the ease of installation. Products offered by Aqualisa for this category are: It is definitely a riskier approach, but is a calculated risk i.

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