Opening our first restaurant in Abu Dhabi was difficult. For example, the interior of the restaurant was redesigned to accommodate Saudi cultural norms. Although adding the delivery option involved building up a call center and a cadre of delivery drivers, Harb and Walid felt the investment was worth the cost. Funding for the development of this case was provided by Harvard Business School and not by the company. When Cinnabon came to Saudi Arabia my job was focused on logistics for the restaurant supply business. The market has plenty of space for more dining options.

He has never let me down. It took between two and three months to build and outfit a new restaurant. We will also have to find the right locations for these restaurants, and rents are going up in the prime locations as the economy improves. Zaatar w Zeit restaurant started as a self-operating business in Lebanon and has expanded through more branches in Lebanon and with franchisees abroad. Which city do you plan on visiting? Walid took over as CEO, making major decisions with his brothers. Travel Essentials Must knows, to Plan well.

The three were finalizing plans to expand ZwZ further in Saudi Arabia. In the mids, the company changed its name to tC Stewart Brothers Coffee and began to open nusiness locations around Seattle.

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This new business served as a major source of growth for the company. I saw how quickly Cinnabon succeeded and thought it might provide zaahar opportunity to expand our family business. We will finance the major expenses with debt, but we cannot over-leverage the company.

The restaurants that lost workers to the new location hired new employees from abroad, thereby spreading out the costs and disruptions associated with hiring and training new staff.


The franchise has since introduced a far more varied menu than just za’atar-based products.

He knew he had a hard, uncertain road ahead of him. Khalid earned a college degree from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon through correspondence, got his Saudi citizenship not easy for a foreignerand started a family.

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InRamadan fell in July and the first week of August, but due to the cycles of the moon, it gradually moved through the Western calendar. Political stability was also an important factor contributing to the business climate. Road signs, restaurant menus, and government publications were all printed in both Arabic and English; business was typically done in English. Could the company handle the debt burden? Retrieved 22 January Articles Organise and Manage your trip well.

Each restaurant businrss a list of key performance indicators KPIs that were linked to bonuses see Exhibit 8.

At first it was difficult to get a visa to go to Saudi Arabia as a young unmarried woman; Walid had to help me get that settled. The hot favourites are the Manakeesh and Wrapswhich lpan have plann options of oil-free cooking and multi-cereal dough.

They were very skeptical at first, saying they did not want to expand beyond North America, but when they came and saw Dubai they were blown away. Dubai and the Dream of Capitalism, p.

Zaatar w Zeit

In such a scenario, there is just xaatar name that comes to the top of the mind and that is the Zaatar W Zeit — a restaurant that thankfully stays open well into the wee hours of the night, serving up fresh, hot, and healthy food. Tips Category wise tips to Discover More! The company operated more than restaurants in the country.


zaatar w zeit business plan

Dubai has so many yo successful burger restaurants already and the market is clamoring for more. Zaatar W Zeit Restaurant. Focus Brands often zet to Cravia as a best practice for other franchisees to imitate, and Cravia provided training for all Middle Eastern Cinnabon employees and all international SBC employees, whether or not they would ever work for Cravia.

zaatar w zeit business plan

It was the best option for late night food, not just Do because it was open late. Go for a Halloumi in the pan slices of baked Halloumi cheeseLabneh traditional Lebanese cheese q olive oil sprinkledor just plain eggs omelettes and sunny side ups.

It was reported that dissenters were typically silenced with discreet payoffs or shows of force such as revoking a passport in the case of a citizen, or deportation bisiness the case of an expatriate. A key challenge for Five Guys would be supply chain management. When Shake Shack zaxtar popular American burger chain started in New York City in ] opened its first location in Dubai inthere were lines out the door for weeks.

zaatar w zeit business plan

It also operated restaurants in other Middle Eastern markets, and about 30 different fashion brands in the region. Coming zeot the U. When Cinnabon came to Saudi Arabia my job was focused on logistics for the restaurant supply business. A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject.

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