The draft you have in mid-June should reflect this shift, but you are likely to find that you have cobbled things together in a way that is not entirely satisfying to you or anyone else. You may pass with minor corrections. Furthermore, you should make an effort early in your first term to talk to all the faculty members who seem to share some of your academic interests in order to get a sense of what they can offer. A GARO clerk will review the format of your thesis, using the same checklist. However busy you are, remember that your thesis counts for six courses and that you should be working on it constantly.

Revise final draft and prepare for defense August: Remember that a Master’s program is designed for full-time students. It’s worth looking at a few to get a sense of what is considered to be acceptable work. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. You may need to reorganize your material after you have finished writing your first draft. Expand your thesis proposal March – April: It is the student’s or the supervisor’s responsibility to send a copy of the thesis to the external examiner and this copy must be identical to the committee’s copies.

A GARO clerk will review the format of your thesis, using the same checklist. Page by Micaela Maftei. Skip to secondary navigation.

Thesis and dissertation

Skip to primary navigation. Ideally, you should have settled on a proto-topic with your supervisor by mid-October. If you want additional copies bound, please give them to the Graduate Program Assistant along with the required copies. When the members of defencr supervisory committee are satisfied that you have a defensible thesis, they will sign a Request for Oral Examination.


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This is the time to see the project as your examiners will encounter it. Return to global menu. Return to global menu. Don’t make the process harder by setting yourself the task of solving the most difficult political problems of the age.

uvic thesis defence

You will be receiving comments back from them. Workshops and support There are a number of workshops to help you with your thesis preparation, writing and management.

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The best advice we can offer is to plan your work carefully and not to delay starting your thesis. Continue to read around your topic, lightly. Return to secondary navigation. This is also an opportunity to explain why you did not do something that you originally intended to do. The ultimate thesis may be thesiis different in its argument and even in its focus from the one you set out in February.

uvic thesis defence

Your goal should be a total of less than pages. The distribution is as follows: Talk these ideas over with your assigned supervisor, and get their suggestions about how your proposed topic s can be formulated into a manageable thesis project. Be prepared for advice that you will have to leave out much of what is of interest to you in the proposed topic in order to finish your thesis.


Give a copy to the graduate secretary for your student file. ETDs benefit the graduate student by: Your proposal will set out an analytic plan for your thesis, which will tell your supervisory committee what issues you will be addressing and in which order. You may be asked to do more substantial revisions minor or majorbut if so you will be given very specific directions about what you have to do. Return to global menu.

Skip to global menu. If possible, present a hypothesis: If you have two co-supervisors, they each must complete a copy of confirmation of Arm’s Length status form.

You may need to reorganize your material after you have finished writing your first draft.

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Return to page content. His advisors will be listening and talking to him via video conferencing on a inch screen on the dock. Keep pushing yourself until you have a manuscript that is more-or-less complete and that more-or-less makes sense.

uvic thesis defence

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