I believe there are other stories in this series, but I quite liked the way this ended. The children gradually begin to bond, especially after Sam’s father is killed in combat. So in the third grade me and my friend Alex read the homework machine because we thought it would be good and the story had no dialogue no plot and no conclusion so after we read and rated it re rate it with 2 stars. The chronology and confession of their ill-fated escapade is related entirely through a series of transcripts, narrated by the four contrite kids, their parents, classmates, and Miss Rasmussen. I liked how two of the characters were kind of smarty pants and the others kind of just went with the flow.

This is a good book and I would recommend it to anyone. The setup of this book is quite interesting. So Sam Kelsy and Judy come over after school that day too see if its real. Hard cover Grade Reading Level: The unlikely foursome made up of a geek, a class clown, a teacher’s pet, and a slacker — Brenton, Sam “Snick,”, Judy and Kelsey, respectively, — are bound together by one very big secret: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The 4 main characters are S 4. Most every child gutjan of the day when their is no more homework, and this book explores that fantasy and the age old wise tale of “be careful what you wish for. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Using an audio version to access the story did work well for this format, and saved me trying to make the voice of each character sound different if reading aloud.


Review: The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman

I really enjoy that idea. Is this book in for a giveaway or could it be? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Wisecracking Sam makes fun of Brenton but needs his help in playing chess by mail with his dad, who is serving in Iraq.

the homework machine by dan gutman summary

Before long, members of the D Squad, as they are called at school are getting strange Instant Messages from a shady guy named Milner; their teacher, Miss Rasmussen, is calling private meetings with each of homedork and giving them pop tests that they are failing; and someone has leaked the possibility of a homework machine to the school newspaper. Having perfect grades is something new for these three, and as they meet on a daily basis to do homework, they find that they’re learning a lot about each other.

People who hate doing homework. Pages Parent Handbook Documents. They insert the homework into a scanner and then a printer prints out their completed homework in their own handwriting.

A good book after reading all these novels about serious issues and murderous plots. Then Brenton let’s his little seceret slip and tells Sam about the homework machine.

Sam, or as other people call him, Snik, is in an awkward position as the new kid in school. Soon there’s an even scarier problem why can’t the Homework Machine be turned off?

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. Sep 13, Cam Vincent rated it it was ok. Simon and Schuster Genre: And they go there every day. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It didn’t take us long to know who was talking and who they each were.


The Homework Machine

Can you guess what it is? The Homework Machine 2 books. This is a good book and I would recommend it to anyone. The police begin investigating what’s going on after a phone-in tip that “someone has a homework machine”.

The Homework Machine

Stay tuned for that. That means that your going to have to help me a little. Because the machine, code named Belch, is doing their homework for them, they start spending a lot of time together, at. Sep 09, Cheryl rated it did not like it. The 4 main characters are Sam, Judy, Brenton and Kelsey. At a school near the Grand Canyon, a genius-level student invents a machine that can do his homework, and shares this with the other three kids he sits w Multi-narrator school story that had my son and I discussing the ethics.

There’s long-haired, rebellious, cool guy Sam Dawkins; fun-loving, unacademic, pink-haired Kelsey Donnelly, African American grind Judy Douglas, and friendless genius Brenton Damagatchi. Nov 05, Mnmstaten rated it really liked it.

the homework machine by dan gutman summary

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