He was a generous soul. This is why, according to the medical officer, Uzair was hit with 13 bullets. Not only was he bright, he was also creative in his thinking and had made a mathematical formula for his studies. Her brother Anas remembers her as very kind and responsible. He was president of the Urdu literary club in his school. They were like best friends.

The terror still lies in the heart of us, walking by the buildings of our college. Mujtaba was a shy, quiet boy who hoped to join the Pakistan Army as a doctor one day. The faction took its name from its membership, which consisted largely of…. Civilians have been with. He loved to play cricket and was a good fast bowler.

Moreover, the human costs of this war will The war on terrorism is not like any other reverberate for years to come in each of kind of war. At least once a week, his father would be called to the school due to this trouble-making boy. Awais was of a happy disposition. Empathetic by nature, he was always moved when a disaster struck somewhere.

I woke up finding everyone shattered and in tears. He had parrots and fish for pets and loved coming home to take care of them. Even if somebody spoke to him harshly, he would never lose his patience or smile, his uncle says.

Her father, who is also a professor, was her mentor. But that is when she decided to go back for her students. Below are accounts, of courage and sadness of children, women and men whose absence will be forever painful, always remembered. According to his mother, he was particular about being tidy and dressed like a gentleman. The attack sparked widespread reactions in Pakistan, receiving condemnations from public, government, political and religious entities, journalists, and other members of Pakistani society.


Both A total of 2, victims and 19 hijackers buildings collapsed within two hours perished in the attacks, making it the from fire damage related to the crashes, worst terrorist attack to ever take place on destroying nearby buildings and U. Atika Rehman Reporting supervisor: Young Shahzeb also performed well when it came to his studies and secured high marks in his last exam.

Pakistan school siege survivors tell of terror: ‘I saw death so close’

For this reasonhe was the captain of the school cricket team. If tfrrorist do not get him help soon, he could lose his hand permanently.

terrorist attack on aps peshawar essay

There is no one on the other side to killed unjustly and tortured without any call a truce or declare a essy, no one reason. Her siblings aspired to be disciplined like her.

Hussain rejoined APS in May and teaches a different class now. That day, he had been told off by his history teacher.


Click tabs below to view the digital memorial. His family describes him as the soul of any party.

terrorist attack on aps peshawar essay

He also loved baby chicks and would often bring them home. Among politicians, he liked Imran Khan and would often do a parody of him. Zeeshan was very devoted to his eight-year-old sister Nimra. When militants entered the classroom and opened fire, Fahad opened the door and asked all his friends to run out.

Zahid Abdullah Shah Siblings: We want them to feel our pain. Khorasani also said “Our suicide bombers have entered the school, they have instructions not to harm the children, but to target the Army personnel. Responding forces were successful in rescuing approximatelythough were injured. Despite having a chance to save herself and leave the premises, Hafsa chose to stay back to help injured students.

Peshawar school massacre | Description & Facts |

World War I, an international conflict that in —18 embroiled most of the nations of Europe along…. Telegraph, Pakistan Bureau, He always had a smile on his face. The son of a soldier, Umair aspired to become an airforce pilot.

terrorist attack on aps peshawar essay

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