CoPath or similar system Minimum 1 year in hospital or high volume cytology laboratory. Submit A Cover Letter. Duties included microscopically examining medical specimen slides for malignancy and other entities accurately and efficiently while complying with all policies and procedures.. Recommends solutions and improvements Documents all corrective actions taken when test systems deviate from the laboratory’s established performance specifications May function in an educator and provides instruction and training in theory, technical skills, safety protocols, and the application of laboratory test protocols to students, employees, residents, etc Assists in the collection and processing of fine needle aspiration specimens Demonstrated knowledge of anatomy, pathology, and medical terminology to be able to render a final diagnosis for gynecologic slides requiring independent medical judgment and initially evaluate non-gynecologic slides prior to pathologist final diagnosis If the required clinical laboratory training and experience occurred at an outside facility, a signed, official letter from the facility or organization is required which details the dates and laboratory discipline experience and training. Reviewed diagnostic accuracy of other cytotechnologists and clinicians. Managed laboratory information systems. Cytotechnologists play a critical role in the healthcare industry as they perform analysis of fluid or tissue samples to detect infections or other abnormalities.

Team player with good communication skills. Jobs for cytotechnologists are available in public and private labs. Create the perfect job-worthy resume effortlessly in just a few clicks! Let me briefly highlight the skills, values and contributions I will bring to your healthcare facility: Enter screening results on all patient cases in the Pathology Information System Perform final sign out of diagnoses on the majority of Pap tests. Download Cytotechnologist Resume Sample as Image file.

Provides essential coordination and summaries for broad review by the Medical Director of Anatomic Pathology Controls specimen accessioning through the computer system to insure accuracy and timeliness of data input and output Tracks abnormal or unusual results and maintains constant contact with the Medical Director for appropriate follow up of these results Provides technical assistance and information and serves as a technical consultant to physicians, nurses, and other medical personnel Maintains all required data for cyttoechnologist by accrediting agencies: Assigned to a quality assurance division responsible for daily shipboard safety inspections, monitoring progress and verifying completion of work packages.


Classifies slides according to established classifications ranging from negative to positive for malignant cells. Let me briefly highlight the skills, values and contributions I will bring to your healthcare facility: Responsible for all quality assurance projects for the cytology departments, writing procedures Quality Assurance Manual solving quality assurance problems, and problems of workflow, keeping up with all aspects of ensuring compliance with CLIA and CAP regulations, monitoring TAT and laboratory volumes, performing tissue-slide correlations and calculating statistics for the laboratory.


Evaluates cell samples microscopically to determine the absence or presence of malignant cells, premalignant changes, viral changes or inflammatory processes Provision of appropriate information regarding specimen collection and case results.

sample cover letter for cytotechnologist

Records and compares any surgical findings with cytological findings. As the senior enlisted supervisor for the laboratory, mentored 8 junior military staff in their personal education and professional development.

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covee Coordinated charitable collections benefiting local families. Industrial Hygienist Resume Sample. Knowledge of principle, concepts and techniques in the health, medical, or allied science fields e.

sample cover letter for cytotechnologist

Post Doc Fellow Resume Sample. Duties included microscopically examining medical specimen slides for malignancy and other entities foe and efficiently while complying with all policies and procedures.

Cytotechnologist Resume Sample

Maintains followup file on all atypical cases to determine if cell abnormalities have remained same, been eliminated or intensified.

Please check your email and follow the instructions. Thanks for signing up. Evaluated Cytology specimens for the presents or absence of disease.

Performed microscopic onsite evaluation of FNA specimens. Subscribe to our email newsletter today to receive updates on the latest cover letter samples, resume templates and job hunting tips! CLIA, CAP, CLSI NCCLSTexas Department of Health, EPA regulations regarding regulated waste disposal Ability to work in data entry, processing, testing and reporting Has a good working knowledge of the computer system for result entry and data entry Screens both gynecological and non-gynecological specimens within the established workload limits Participates in quality control of the gynecological specimens with the appropriate level of experience Documents the number of cases screened and hours spent screening daily Participates in CAP continuing education slide reviews and complete the required number of continuing education hours with acceptable performance Maintains microscopes Communicates on the phone with clinics and resolves problems in a professional manner Generates Monthly QA reports as instructed by Pathology Manager Performs other duties a required.


On call for emergency diagnostic services. Reports Negative Pap smears evaluations as Final Diagnosis. Craft your perfect resume by picking job responsibilities written by professional recruiters Pick from the thousands of curated job responsibilities used by the leading companies Tailor your resume by selecting wording that best fits for each job you apply.

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Cytotechnologist Resume Example

Documentation of the completion of at least 6. Must be able to successfully complete established competencies for the position within designated probationary period.

sample cover letter for cytotechnologist

Further, a cytotechnologist resume also spell skills such as keen observation, tasks prioritizing, communication as well as experience of working with microscope and other lab equipment. Prepare written diagnostic reports and make recommendation for further evaluation or treatment.

Dedicated commitment to a long and successful career as a Cytotechnologist. Prepared and interpreted fine needle aspiration FNA samples. Correlate results with findings from pathology Participate in teleconferences, CAP PAP PT’S and multi-level scope sessions and other educational opportunities provided to maintain microscopic skills and screening parameters Document screening time, in compliance with regulatory requirements Minimum five 5 years of microscope work as a Cytotechnologist, including Gyn and non-Gyn Bachelor’s degree in cytology or biological science field Ability to prioritize and organize Evidence of continuing education Willingness to present interesting cases or other areas of expertise in a classroom setting Knowledge and skills sufficient to provide technical instructions on problems and advise others on cytologic techniques.

Two years college with at least 12 semester hours in science, 8 of which are biology, plus one year cytology technical training from a Committee on Allied Health education and Accreditation CAAHEP accredited school, Before September 1, Bachelor of Science, plus one year cytology technical training from a CAAHEP accredited school Current license as a cytotechnologist issued by the state in which the laboratory is located, if such licensing is required and be certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists ASCP.

Jobs for cytotechnologists are available in public and private labs. Reviewed diagnostic accuracy of other cytotechnologists and clinicians.

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