Well, not without much thought. It was a very popular academic subject. You forget that you worked on them a long time ago. Not very many were going out to small companies or even medium-sized companies. It was designed to correct errors on data going over a phone line. Decoding graph based codes is usually done using message passing algorithms. It seems that those Reed-Solomon codes and Viterbi decoding have taken over that business for the most part.

Gallager describes and questions military funding and corporate research priorities in the communications field. It was asking the wrong questions. Therefore you save a little bit of disk space, or you save something else. People recognized it as an interesting way of doing coding, which is what you had to do to send those high data rates over communication channels. Students who want to become faculty members perceive the process for getting tenure as being a competition between a huge number of people. But he was an early worker in information theory, and he had told the students that if a student could prove the coding theory of information theory, he would give the student a doctorate. Cho Lotfi A.

To detect you only have to know that something has gone wrong, you don’t have to know what it is. On the other side, in the communications field, when we start building large networks, the major problem is how to design the nodes which are doing all the processing, and those are computers.

So that you can’t separate the two anymore. He then pursued graduate study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned electrical engineering S. He served the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory as associate editor for coding — and as associate editor for computer communications from to One had to have an idea of which devices were important, to have some idea phe what the computational complexity of these various devices was.


Gallager in his office on Wednesday, the 19th. We also rotated projects every three months or so. Over the years, Gallager has taught and mentored many graduate roberg, many of whom are now themselves leading researchers in their fields.

The problems have traditionally been the problems of trying to organize very large systems, and trying to organize very large systems where you don’t a priori have any organizing principles. These are the formulas. There wasn’t robeet research going on in it. And for a pjd of years–probably six or eight years–they were building coding devices, trying to sell them. It was a very expensive way of doing decoding. Now, you’ve described the community at MIT, which sounds very close-knit, and perhaps communication was very informal.

It depended on the student. There was pretty much the same division as there is now, except back then there was a better balance.

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There was lots of student interest. In fact it started because people wanted to find a very quick and easy way of using the ARPANET for assorted traditional data transmission from terminals.

robert gallager phd thesis

He was chairman of the advisory committee to the National Science Foundation Division on Networking and Communication Research and Infrastructure from toand has been on numerous visiting committees for electrical engineering and computer science departments. It was a field where people built new equipment essentially by use of the product cycle.


robert gallager phd thesis

The startling performance of turbo codes mobilized researchers to try to explain why they worked so well. Or what’ll Gallaber do if that person gets hit while walking across the street?

You just keep changing the product and improving it. Suddenly all the practitioners were interested in doing coding.

Low-density parity-check codes

It was something called threshold decoding, which is another practical way of decoding convolutional codes. You simply overdesign the system and get good signal-noise ratio. All of the channels are operating at a fixed rate.

Jump robdrt other IT Society Websites:. The thing which is important is trying to understand what’s fundamental about a problem.

Gradually, I guess in the late sixties, they started to hire some young engineers who were more interested in theory. But in retrospect, when I look at it, it was an unimportant paper.

Whereas today there’s much more of a push throughout the academic world.

robert gallager phd thesis

Historians will go through and find things written which were right, but that was not what was being said by most of the people who were guiding the field. It was before the computer field had evolved so much.

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