Dr Cristina Giordano Overlap: Prof Philip Rawlings Overlap: The biology of neural cells will be covered such as demyelination, axonal transport and stem cell replacement. An advanced, in depth examination of a particular area of law: Topics such as green chemistry, industrial safety, intellectual property and ethical issues arising during professional practice of chemistry will be discussed.

This module will provide the theoretical basis for understanding heritage from a range of cross-disciplinary perspectives. Members of academic staff at Historic Royal Palaces may co-supervise dissertation projects. This module is appropriate to first-year students undertaking degree programmes in the chemical sciences. Finally, there is assessed coursework which does count toward the module mark. In addition it will consider the polluter pays principle as well as the growing number of climate change disputes and consider how these might impact future energy regulation, international and national. It focuses on operational risk, risks of external shock, risks of system failure, risk to customers and clients, and political risk.

The Advice and Counselling Service publishes a detailed advice guide on Extenuating Circumstances which explains: What are academic levels? This module covers the techniques used to plan the syntheses of organic compounds, together with a selection of reaction types that may be used in organic synthesis. Prof Brigitte Granville Overlap: Participants on the module will be divided into three streams: The module is designed to give you a detailed understanding of stereochemistry, an appreciation of the relevance of this topic to the activity and regulatory requirements of small-molecule pharmaceuticals, and a cousework knowledge of the methods available to generate single enantiomers of pharmaceutical relevance.

This will tell you what you can expect from Queen Mary in terms of feedback on your work, and how you may be assessed How are undergraduate modules graded?

qmul coursework extension

The course will involve a critical appreciation of contemporary developments and future trends. Students will be introduced to — and encouraged to critically interrogate — a range of perspectives on ‘change’ extennsion forms of intervention from across a broad spectrum of social science disciplines and real world case studies, applying them to the core problematics of change management on both micro and macro levels.


qmul coursework extension

This module provides students with an in depth and thorough understanding of the legal and supervisory framework covering the entire life-cycle of courssework bank, from its inception to its failure. The module will use case studies and practical example throughout.

For F students only. Dr Tarek Virani Overlap: By taking an assessment, a student declares themselves fit to take it; any claim for extenuating circumstances relating to that assessment shall not normally be considered.

Case studies will explore these trends in particular industries such as transport, energy and high tech. Students are invited to reflect on how various models are relevant to their practice as future HR practitioners, in terms of enhancing the self-awareness and interpersonal skills required in such roles. This module will provide an in-depth understanding of the broad range of theory, research, and practice in organizational behaviour for the adoption of appropriate policies and leadership styles.

qmul coursework extension

Coursedork report based on a literature search will also form part of the module, and instruction in the technique of searching the literature will be provided. In this module, students will learn the specific skill sets needed to become a successful arbitration lawyer.

The module will analyse a range of case studies to illuminate the different work patterns, practices and behaviour both at individual, group and organisational levels. If you are fit to sit an exam but you unexpectedly become ill during the exam and are unable to continue, you still need to submit an extenuating circumstances claim with documentary evidence.

EVA vs Balanced Scorecard. This Module will also examine the legal procedural issues arising from transborder online crime, specifically the formal e. What are the features of maritime arbitration that make it particularly popular? The development of the Internet and digital technologies have transformed marketing and has impacted every industry from retail to health. This module is designed to introduce first year students to the properties of the different phases of matter gases, liquids and solidsand to the theory and practise of analytical chemistry viewed from a physical and inorganic chemistry perspective.


How companies use accounting information in order to make important decisions; Budgeting and Variance Analysis; Performance Evaluation: It will also focus on the question of how to distribute the benefits of life sciences research fairly so that it benefits society.

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Includes research evidence on the effectiveness and otherwise of leadership on performance in social and public sector organisations, often in politically- or resource-constrained environments.

The module focuses on the law of the United Kingdom and the European Union relating to those forms of intellectual property that are sometimes described as industrial property. Prof Christopher Millard Overlap: Always seek advice from your school or institute if you need to coursewwork or retake a module. Dissertation – independent research.

Module marks and assessment

Mr David Onakanmi Overlap: Examination is via oral presentation and project; however the project will be integrative across the whole course so that it discourages over-specialisation. The objective of this course is to examine how organizations develop and execute their international business strategies in a rapidly digitizing business environment.

It will enable them to identify these implications and to apply a more comprehensive ethical view to energy law and policy.

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