We parents are past the negotiation stage. As was said on another blog, you can’t please everyone. I’d be interested in learning whether enrollment at tutoring centers went up this year with the roll out of common core. The well-educated and articulate teachers in our district and we have many of them must cringe when they hear our superintendent and her administrators speak. Regulation and Policy If anything, I’d like to see classwork, projects and exams get tougher, not easier. Failure to remain on school premises in accordance with school rules cf.

When the fire alarm sounds, all students are to stay with their teacher and proceed to the back of the school on the blacktop area. Written notes and phone calls are not accepted for the release of any child. High schools should have a block schedule with longer class times or a hybrid block schedule. National School Safety Center: You or an adult designated by you in writing, may come to school and give the medication to your child.

I want my kids to be well rounded and balanced individuals, who experience a variety distroct activities and life experiences — not only academics. The administrative gaffs that we continue to see will impact this district if it continues. We ask that you do not come onto campus and begin searching buildings for your student.

Possession or use of a laser pointer, unless used for a valid instructional or other school-related purpose, including employment Penal Code Please return the badge and sign out before leaving Walnut Grove.


Please have your student to school on time. Please see the complete pupil attendance district policy and regulations at.

pleasanton unified school district homework policy

Complaints distrixt bullying shall be investigated and resolved in accordance with site-level grievance procedures specified in AR For a full list of school district rankings, visit the Niche website. Search the Pleasanton USD for: Some of us will simply leave, some will taking more direct action. Except for reading, homework at the elementary level should not be assigned over weekends.

He is now in college and is doing fine there as well. Perhaps the best next step for the administration is to move to another school district, as a team.

Pleasanton school board discusses homework survey results

Remind kids who walk or ride bikes or scooters to school plicy to dart out between cars and to look carefully before crossing streets, specially at those intersections where there is no crossing guard. You may choose to discuss with your health care provider a schedule for giving medication outside of school hours. If you are calling before or after office hours 7: Fire, earthquake and other emergency drills are conducted on a monthly basis. Factors that were considered in the ranking included: The time commitment was completely unreasonable.

pleasanton unified school district homework policy

Trustee Mark Miller suggested to staff to look at consequences for teachers that continuously assign more than the amount specified in the Homework Policy. OR maybe the censor should watch out Give the good teachers more time and money for professional development – whatever they need ask them!


How do you know what makes a good or bad teacher – that’s the question we all our board members grappling with and what to do nomework them. As determined by the teacher, the assignments and tests will be reasonably lpeasanton to but not necessarily identical to the assignments and tests missed during ppolicy absence.

This is the most articulate comment PUSD can muster? Students are not considered enrolled until their card is on file. This requires learning how to build a community environment using five agreements between the students and adults with whom they are working: At that time, the teachers check to be sure all of their students are accounted for.

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Please remember when riding your bike: Since the video, another kid jumped in front of the train. What is community worth to you?

pleasanton unified school district homework policy

disrrict Other schools in the bay area The board information online shows the survey methodology. One of my children spent 55 hours of homework time on a history day project that is only assigned at hart and in 2 classes at harvest park.

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