The sample should normally be selected on the basis of the internally agreed aggregate unit mark of the students concerned. See also 6 below for information on support during reassessment. The University expects assignments to be marked, moderated and returned within four weeks. Your feedback strategy could indicate which form of feedback will be used in which situations and give a rough idea of how much might be expected in each case eg 60 second audio clip, completed one page checklist. New procedures to support consistent approaches to marking, moderation and feedback were also introduced as part of the project. Should my feedback focus on what went wrong with this assignment or try to suggest ways forward for the next one? What is an External Examiner?

A departmental or subject feedback strategy will help you to make links between assessments on different units. MMU guidance on Supporting. It is not your responsibility to make the report available to the other students on your course, although you can direct them to it if you wish. What is my role in this process? If they need specific help eg on spelling, grammar or structuring work then indicate where they should go for this. What do they do? You could get them to go over the exam questions and produce model answers for discussion in class.

Unfortunately it is cougsework difficult to go through the assignment in class; most substantial assignments are handed in at the end of the unit and by the time the feedback is complete, scheduled classes have ended. MMU guidance on Setting. Let them know to what degree they have managed to achieve the unit learning outcomes, and make some suggestions on what they should concentrate on in future assignments.

mmu coursework feedback

If you have more than one assignment in a unit, then you could offer marks in the second assignment for showing evidence of having acted on feedback from the first assignment – see Try allocating marks for acting on previous feedback in the Try something section.

Despite the impressive technical developments, the team notes that technical work actually came quite late in the project and the real work was about getting the right policies and procedures in place to support effective academic decision-making.


The MMU Commitment to return feedback within four weeks was introduced towards the end of the first year of the project. To support its work the project team developed an academic model which gave a life-cycle view of assessment and feedback for details and further discussion on this model see the Jisc EMA blog. Making a photocopy of the work with your comments on it would normally be acceptable for the purpose of external moderation.

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The University has a clear policy on marks moderation ; project dissertations should always be second marked, but apart from these, second marking is done on a sampling basis. Home Articles External Examiners.

You could give out the feedback without the mark. A departmental or subject feedback strategy will help you to make links between assessments on different fsedback. The Coursework Receipting System CRStakes a feed of approved submission dates for assessment elements from the Student Records System and provides students with bar-coded coversheets for tracking paper submission of those assessment elements.

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It also feesback the opportunity to provide generic feedback see Use generic feedback as well as individual feedback. Marking and production of feedback: Having said this, most tutors would want to discuss this situation informally with students.

Your Programme Committee will consider the reports from your Subject External Examiners, including the response drafted by your Programme Coursewokr. The ambitious deadline was to deliver a brand new, technology-supported first year for September with the new second year starting September and the new final year September They are normally academics or staff members at another UK university.

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Commenting on a series of research studies on feedback, Chris Rust has observed that:. Students need to know to what degree they have managed to achieve the ffedback learning outcomes, and receive some suggestions about what they should concentrate on in future assignments. There have been surprisingly few studies of this perhaps it’s just all too depressing to think about?


mmu coursework feedback

If an assignment is a good 2 ido I still need to give feedback? There is now an institutional commitment to a four-week deadline; students now have clear, personalised information about when marks and feedback will be coyrsework and the return of marks to students is done automatically via a feed to their Moodle area from the Student Record System.

This is not an exhaustive list, nor is it in any particular order. What do they do? A marking grid can be useful to support consistency between markers, and it can speed up marking.

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This is a really good question. Manchester Metropolitan University Students’ Union. The project also acted on a recommendation to focus more effort on the re-assessment period: This information is linked directly to the student records system SRS in order to give cougsework basic picture of the requirements for each unit.

You can find more information about External Examiners here. All undergraduate units are now included in this database and the records include information about the type and weighting of the assessment and the feeeback students are likely to demonstrate in completing the work. Your Programme Leader is responsible for responding to the External Examiner regarding issues raised. Winter and Dye thought that a better engagement with students about feedback might be the key to an improvement. When would I give out a model answer or provide generic feedback?

The coursewirk thing to do is to discuss the mark individually with the student and to explain how you arrived at your judgement with reference to the assignment brief, the unit learning outcomes and fewdback assessment criteria.

mmu coursework feedback

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