Section three focuses on yam cultivation in Nigeria with particular emphasis on Wukari local government of Taraba State. Sensory evaluation revealed significant differences in the colour, odour and general acceptability of the product when compared with the stiff dough from white yam. The sector recorded a growth rate of 5. The sugar was quantified colorimetrically using phenol and sulphuric acid. Bulk density The method used by Udensi and Okaka was adopted.

Current statistics shows that Taraba state has the highest concentration of livestock in Nigeria, producing both local exotic breed of livestock mainly on the mambilla plateau. Effect of traditional processing on the functional properties of cowpea Vigna cajan flour. The sector is almost entirely dominated by small scale resource poor farmers living in rural areas, with farm holdings of hectares, which are usually scattered over a wide area. The output of some major crops namely; sorghum, rice, yam, cassava has increased in year If most of the agricultural harvest could be adequately processed and stored, this seasonal variation in supply and prices of agricultural products would be significantly minimized. This they can do by providing sufficient quantity of modern farm implements in the various local government areas of the state for hire at a subsidized rate and train men that can man them. Physico-chemical and functional properties of cowpea powders processed to reduce beany flavor.

CGIARalso reported that yam tends to be higher in protein and minerals like phosphorus and potassium than sweet potatoes though the latter is richer in Vitamin A and C. Reviee Study Job Pristine Migap, and Felix Audu of Wukari Local Government Area most important sector of the economy in terms of large number of people who earn a living from it, and also due to the fact that it is the main source of food production and raw materials for manufacturing.

Historical background of Taraba Literafure Taraba state was created out of the former Gongola state on the 27th augustby the military government of General Ibrahim Babangida. Preparation of raw trifoliate yam flour The freshly harvested yam tuber was washed, drained and peeled.


Color and taste are permanent features of amala obtained from yam chips flour Akissoe trifoloate al. Crop Production in Nigeria The geography of Nigerian development shows that the country has enormous litreature and human resources for the attainment of food security.

The Land Use Ob The value of output must exceed the value of inputs in sustainable land use system in which there is a symbiotic relationship between the socio-economic biophysical environments. The sector recorded a growth rate of 5. One of the sectors expected to act as a catalyst towards the realization of this goal is Agriculture.

Textural And Sensory Properties Of Trifoliate Yam |

The parameters evaluated were the colour, texture, smoothness, odour and overall acceptability. The high water absorption capacity was attributed to loose association of starch polymers in the native granule Ekwu et al. Swelling index of yam flour as affected by tuber variety, processing method and analytical temperature. Distribution of Respondents based on contribution of yam cultivation to standard of living Yes. Quality of fufu flour from white yam varieties Dioscorea spp Niger Food J. Another important constraint to increase yam production is the dormancy factor in yams.

Since crop production is an important aspect of economic development in Taraba state, government should ensure an improved access to credit facility in the state.

literature review on trifoliate yam

The residue, after decantation of supernatant, was hydrolyzed with 7. Bulk density, the ratio of the mass per unit volume of a substance, indicates the porosity, package size, mouth feel and flavor of a product and is generally affected by the particle size Unuigbe and Ozekhome, Four parts were respectively soaked in clean water for 6, 12, 18 and 24 h and drained.


It is a traditional thick paste prepared from blanched dried yam flour with a particular texture Akissoe et al. Consequently, the resources regularly allocated to the agricultural sector have been inadequate not to meet the developmental requirements of the sector or make inadequate provisions for infrastructure support facilities. Sample Brown index Flour Dough amala White trifoliate cultivar 6. Quality of fufu flour from white yam varieties Dioscorea spp Niger Food J.

Pest and disease control is addressed by cultural control and chemical methods; the pests which affect the plant are nematodes such as root knot Meloidogyne spp. Generally, a yield of tonnes per hectare, for white yam and tonnes for water yam are obtained by following prescribed management practices. The bulk density of cooked trifoliate yam flour observed by Ezeocha et al. Another important constraint to increase yam production is the dormancy factor in yams.

Literature Review On Trifoliate Yam

Int J Food Sci Nutr. The parameters evaluated were the colour, texture, smoothness, odour and overall acceptability. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Yam is grown on free draining, sandy and fertile soil, after clearing the first fallow.

literature review on trifoliate yam

Development at this level of conceptualization is often understood in terms of economic development. Effect of harvesting periods on the morphology and physico-chemical properties of trifoliate yam starches. This will help the farmer to preserve their produce until they are ready to sell.

literature review on trifoliate yam

Pasting properties of trifoliate yam flour. Swelling index Determination of swelling index and solubility was carried out according to the method of Iwuoha

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