The impact of Creole is quite noticeable in the phonetic deviations by the learners. It is also a background noise in movies, or parties, or a variety of other places. Aside from the Arawaks, the original inhabitants of Jamaica, all people were exiles or children of exiles. It is fun to sing along to a song in the car, or to dance along at a party, etc As far as consonants are concerned, dental fricatives are replaced by stops at the beginning of words, syllables or word centrals. It is clear that politicians must learn that reggae music is not meant for the political arena as it stands today and should remain a source of power for the revolutionaries.

Affirmative Action and College Admissions: Also stated a brief statement by my father who was in born in Jamaica, and which he migrated to America at a very young age. Object of the verb A hu dis? Barrett states three reasons why it is difficult for an outsider to interpret this Rasta dialect:. In the English attacked the Spanish colony bringing with them new influences.

In an effort to build an image more appealing to “ghetto voters,” politicians are actually offending more people by embracing what is not theirs. Reggae musicians may use the symbolism and power of the word, such as metaphor, to instigate movement.

The observations above help to enhance the belief that Jamaican is a vibrant language, which gets a priority usage by most Jamaicans. This is the speech of the peasant or laborer with little education.

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Emilie Adams wrote a book, Understanding Jamaican Patois, to help non-Jamaicans to understand Creole, presenting two versions of spelling, one in modified Standard English and the other a modified version of the Cassidy and Le Page orthography. To get a brief idea of how patois or any language functions, it is easiest to break it down into small fragment to take a closer look at what is going on. It got into a process of esaay and became a pidgin which has its language rules but ;atois impoverished.


This highly symbolic and revolutionary dialect may be referred to as soul language, ghetto language, hallucinogenic language, or dread talk. At one esswy there is the educated model spoken by the elite, which follows the “London Standard”. You cannot merely know Standard English to understand patois clearly because the dialect is a language in itself and it maintains its own structure and guidelines, as any other language.

The dilemma of the English teacher in Jamaica. For many people, the teaching of English is synonymous to the teaching of the international language which has been reigning over the universe for several years. The observation of the language will evidence that, coincidentally, Basilect speakers are at the bottom of the social ladder, burden with social maladies, including few opportunities if any to get an education and living under the most pressing economic situation.

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Aside from the Arawaks, the original inhabitants of Jamaica, all people were exiles or children of exiles. This could be possible because Christianization or education jamaicxn the slaves was not intended in the first hundred years of colonization.

This tactic of persuasion is also called propaganda. Precisely, the investigation lies on the revision of DeCamps model of a Creole Continuum which will be explained later.

jamaican patois essay

Others see English simple as a means to do business and make money. The Jamaican Patois differs from the English standard because of the African influence during slavery. There is no final authority, such as a dictionary, to turn to when writing in Creole, therefor the written language cannot be right or wrong. The birth of population centers, such as Port Royal, Passage Fort, and Kingston, served as mixing pot of many different speakers.

Analyzing the Jamaican Creole Continuum

The distribution of wealth and power was unequal on the sugar plantation and the slaves had to endure a lot of cruelties of their slave owners. Creole languages are found all over the world on every continent. These persons took their mother tongue with them to schools and the workplaces, while at the same time they were improving their social standing as a result paotis their educational growth.


jamaican patois essay

Reggae music speaks to society and communicates many political and religious beliefs of Rastafari. English is the language of the international labour market.

However in Creole [ei] becomes [jej], as in the word play which tends to be pronounced [pljej]. Sources Appendix Tables Table 1: Furthermore, seeing English and Jamaican Creole as two different languages could have positive rather than negative results, since each could enhance the other, and Jamaican students could be seen as bilinguals.

In Jamaica the African slaves were thrown into a situation where the only common means of communication was English, or at least broken English, therefor Jamaican Creole has a majority of its roots in English Sebba 1, These are the people who still share the view of Sir Harry Johnston, an English anthropologist who wrote in study of black life in the Caribbean that patois “is a barbarous and clumsy jargon” Freed, Such linguistic situation refers mostly to the co-existence of English, the Official language of Jamaica, and Jamaican Creole; the language of home and informal settings which has become robust on account of its cultural vitality, its role in the retention and transmission of traditional values, its relatively extended demographics; as well as its noticeable presence in cultural forms such as popular music, literature and the media.

Since the linguistic features are too many, only a restricted overview can be given which will be relevant for the analysis. Creole is similar to English in terms of vocabulary and most speakers are inferior in socioeconomic terms, so it is easy to assume Creole is a poor form of English. A Brief Diachronic Study of its Syntax.

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