There is no exact statistic that would represent ectopic pregnancy because many cases were masked by misdiagnosis. These diuretics potentiate the effects of other antihypertensive agents as well, by limiting fluid retention, and may reduce the incidence of strokes and heart failure. Some studies show that mg of calcium per day can lower systolic and diastolic BP. Manifestations of maladaptive coping mechanisms may be indicators of repressed anger and have been found to be major determinants of diastolic BP. Helps focus attention on factors that patient has control over or can change. Rise slowly from a lying to standing position, sitting for a few minutes before standing.

Therefore, ongoing evaluation for patient cooperation is critical to successful treatment. Thursday, May 23, Provide information regarding community resources, and support patient in making lifestyle changes. Reduce or control pain and decrease stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. Stress the importance of avoiding isometric activity. Provides a database for both the adequacy of nutrients eaten and the emotional conditions of eating. Correcting mineral deficiencies can also affect BP.

Dull pain on affected side in some cases. Moderation and use of low-fat products in place of total abstinence from certain food items may prevent sense of deprivation and enhance cooperation with dietary regimen. Vaginal bleeding scanty and dark.

6 Hypertension Nursing Care Plans

Nasal packing may interfere with swallowing or require mouth breathing, leading to stagnation of oral secretions and hypovo,emic of mucous membranes. Stress the importance of avoiding isometric activity. Impending or post-tubal rupture 1. Also, congenital and developmental anomalies of the fallopian tubes; use od intrauterine device IUDhistory of previous ectopic pregnancy and multiple induced abortions heightened its occurrence.


A diet low in fat and high in polyunsaturated fat reduces BP, possibly through prostaglandin balance in both normotensive and hypertensive people.

hypovolemic shock case study scribd

How to Hit the Vein Correcting mineral deficiencies can also affect BP. Discuss importance of eliminating smoking, and assist patient in formulating a plan to quit smoking. Sleep with the head slightly elevated.

Any drug that contains a sympathetic nervous stimulant may increase BP or counteract antihypertensive effects. The elderly may require smaller doses because of the potential for bradycardia and hypotension. Some studies show that mg of calcium per day can lower systolic and diastolic BP.

Ectopic Pregnancy Case Study

If patient does not accept the reality of a life-threatening condition requiring continuing treatment, lifestyle and behavioral changes will not be initiated or sustained.

Early detection of developing complications, decreased effectiveness of drug regimen or adverse reactions to it allows for timely intervention. Severe hypertension is classified in the adult as a diastolic pressure elevation to mmHg; progressive diastolic readings above mmHg are considered first accelerated, then malignant very severe.

These provides scribv on its severity and serves as the basis of the treatment plan. Therefore, ongoing evaluation for patient cooperation is critical to successful treatment. Encourage patient to maintain a diary of food intake, including when and scirbd eating takes place and the circumstances and feelings around which the food was eaten.

Hypovole,ic use of an additional sympathetic inhibitor may be required for its cumulative effect when other measures have failed to control BP or when congestive heart failure CHF or diabetes is present. The types of ectopic pregnancy is based on the site of implantation.


Hypertension Nursing Care Plans: 6 Nursing Diagnosis – Nurseslabs

This is only achieved through terminating the pregnancy and to reconstruct the organ where the implantation took place. Nurse on a Date. Monitor sctibd record BP. Instruct patient to consult healthcare provider before taking other prescription or over-the-counter OTC medications. Patients with diabetes should use Corgard and Visken with caution because they can prolong and mask the hypoglycemic effects of insulin.

Ectopic Pregnancy Case Study

Pulses in the shkck and feet may be diminished, reflecting effects of vasoconstriction increased systemic vascular resistance [SVR] and venous congestion. Monitoring BP at home is reassuring to patient because it provides visual and positive reinforcement for efforts in following the medical regimen and promotes early detection of deleterious changes.

Leaning forward reduces the amount of blood that is swallowed. Involvement provides patient with an ongoing sense of control, improves coping skills, and can enhance cooperation with therapeutic regimen.

hypovolemic shock case study scribd

Notify me of new posts by email. Ultimate Guide and Database. Provide calm, restful surroundings, minimize environmental activity and noise. Encourage patient to evaluate life priorities and goals.

Diuretics are considered first-line medications for uncomplicated stage I or II hypertension and may be used alone or in association with other drugs such as beta-blockers to reduce BP in patients with relatively normal renal function.

hypovolemic shock case study scribd

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