This is very abstract, but not any kind of “generality of things” like what category theory does by describing regularity classes of particular systems that may go down to objects that look “natural” in a naturalistic sense. This result needs to be put into its historical perspective. If G changes by large and discrete amounts for each cosmological scale [atomic, stellar, galactic], as predicted by Discrete Scale Relativity, then you get a whole new paradigm for understanding the structure and dynamics of nature. Isham, Oxford University Press, Oxford Sadly and I fqxi essay contest mean that — see below there fqxi essay contest m phil thesis for computer science is no evidence against. The Harvard Review of Philosophy 11, Spring Relativity of size is such an attractive principle, I believe that a dynamics of pure shape will one day be found.

The essay contest discussion forum will remain open for comments and discussion. Some people even suggest that they well be for 21st century what harmonics oscillator was for previous one. Despite of this, and that I rated 10 the other 2 above, we still have very bad ratings: The significance of this question is emphasized by the following paper. The Machian motivation behind the creation of general relativity was very great.

This is what allows the contesf to expand. Halliwell et al, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Mathematical Universe Hypothesis mathematical monism. Last years winner was someone not well known who does not have a position working as a theoretical physicist. The Arguments of Time, ed.

Dear Carla, it could be a harmless game except that an increasing percentage of the attention, interest, and the resources are circulating in the game instead of the real thing.

A thorough conceptual housecleaning is needed.


About the FQXI essay contest on the math/physics connection

Among the diverse essays in this contest we can find expressions of diverse philosophical views, that I would consider mainly classified in 2 dimensions, with indications their respective favorite interpretations of quantum mechanics, and representative members contesh this contest and elsewhere.

With the nowadays mathematics, the theoretical physics can describe tjme everything ilimited more complicated, but the realistic, essential content is just what I said. In its sole discretion, FQXi will delete posts containing inappropriate language immediately and without regrets.

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It is universal, closely related to the gauge principle of modern high-energy physics, and leads to a direct dynamical and relational derivation of general relativity. We have created a scale-invariant theory very like general relativity but with perfect relativity of size. Its potential consequences for the yet to be found quantum mechanics of the universe are profound.

fqxi essay contest time

This paper gives a useful introductory overview of the results that we obtained in collaboration with Brendan Foster, Edward Anderson, and Bryan Kelleher.

Nuovo Cimento 38B, 1 The important thing is making your contribution and joining in with the comments on the essays.

If all distances in the universe were doubled over night, nothing would tell us this had happened. You can only submit one essay and there is a maximum size. Quite the contrary, time is an abstraction at which we arrive through the changes of things. This equation describes the field cotnest electronic presence as taking values in the space of bispinors of space-time. The above paper shows that general relativity conteet be represented as a theory in which the two local degrees of freedom at each space point interact with each other and with one single extra global degree of freedom, essentially the rate of change of the volume of the universe.


May 26, at 3: And of course the time and scaling question? The Gravity Research Foundation essay competition, for example, has offered prizes for essays on gravitational physics sinceand many of the tike essays, several of which were authored by Perimeter faculty or Distinguished Fqsi Research Chairs, are now considered classics. May 27, at 9: Indeed, relativistic filters are all what technical systems can do anyway: GribEuan Squires?

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But I am really glad to have participated, learned essy lot of the interventions of other laymen and professionals who encouraged me to persuit my queeste. But the essay of Philip Gibbs does not have this “quality”.

Sadly and I fqxi essay contest mean that — see below there fqxi essay contest m phil thesis for computer science is no evidence against. Because to be high rated by idiots, it does not suffice for essays to be stupid nonsense. But where does the problem come from?

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The essay contest is funded by relatively small amounts of private money. However, he does not seem to realize the difficulty of the task, and how it can fail if it is done in a naive manner. The only advice I can give is to read the rules and guidelines.

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