I’d suggest buying the Cracklin’ Backpack right away so you don’t have to come back and open the package later when you need it for a mission. Go into your Toy Store menu and buy the “Give ’em a Hand Launcher” that just unlocked, no need to actually go over to the floating cube. From the top of that carefully sneak towards the front of the building where there’s a Fear Tech student patrolling, sneak up behind him and scare him. Stand back and watch his pattern for a moment and then sneak up on him from behind and scare him when he starts to walk away from you. Squishy’s got another mission but he’s moved place, now he’s in the south-east corner of campus, to the right of the building where that Infinity Cube was.

Keep on looking for those red markers in the air when searching the arena for the last few students. Go over to the empty lot on the right side of the end of the road to find the students, to get rid of them just pick them up and throw them away from the lot. Just do the same thing you did in an earlier mission, jump up the fronts and knock down the two large banners. Jump down behind it and start sneaking, if it spots you go back up the steps again and it should have stopped the alarm. Go up the normal brick jump and then there’s another just before the climb up to the top. To get over simply Decorate the nearby bulletin board to use the Give ’em a Hand Launcher, make sure to aims over the fence rather than into the gate. The second statue is in the north-west corner of the Fear Tech campus, left of Fear Hall.

disney infinity monsters university homework hero walkthrough

Talk to Don Carlton again and then return to your two pranks, if there’s a third spot lined up perfectly then great, if not then look around for a better set. Sneak up behind him and scare him. The third one is over on the opposite end of the building back hmework where you were earlier, you can jump down from the same raised area as before. The next standee to knock over is on the grass ahead to the right, then the last three are all around the fountain.

After that head towards the Scream Tunnel. Jump across the gap to infonity ledge below the gargoyle, then run around the other side of the building and shoot the second gargoyle. First one is to the south-east on the corner of the building with the Monsters Cube floating in front of it.


Remember that Play Sets are “true to property” which means you can only use characters from the same monsteds. If you umiversity it right the ground should shoot up and a platform will be formed, jump up onto that platform and then onto the drainpipe to be automatically taken to the roof. Once you’ve completed the statue you get mission complete and the student stops trying to attack you.

disney infinity monsters university homework hero walkthrough

Once he’s knocked out start climbing the ledges above the door to get up to the next floor. The missions below are all optional sidequests, homewokr are even repeatable specifically the campus cleanup missions, you can redo them whenever you see the campus get messed up.

Monsters University: Poster Paints – Disney Infinity Walkthrough

In this mission you need to shoot the three Fear Tech students with paintballs, just run around and shoot at them. At the top of the bricks drop down onto a platform, jump over the gap and then start unicersity the ledges that have crumbled out of the stone corner. If you get hit too many times by the Fear Tech student you’ll get caught and put univwrsity a detention room, just jump out of the window to get back outside if you do.

On the opposite side of the half pipe is another one in the air, go up the dirt ramp from against the fence and jump into it. And another mystery mission. If you jump over the wall to the homrwork you’ll land right near the statue in question, simply walk up in front of it and scare the button.

Monster University – A Peaceful Balance |

The world turns to night as you start this mission from Randy. Similar to the last mission, the sun sets and it’s time to sneak over to the Botany building which is to the north-west of where Terri and Terry are. To get up onto the house you can just climb the lamppost and slide over the wire to dixney, climb the one on the opposite side of the road so you slide in the correct direction. Go down the tunnel and follow it along until you get out the other side. Scare the students closest to the football before switching back to the Toilet Paper Launcher and covering the statue.


You’re universith to want to get into the orange semi-circle behind it in order to scare successfully, to get there first go up the steps of the building north of the fountain and go to the left along the front until you’re right behind the simulator.

To the side of the road is a small building with an OK sign above the door, approach it and press the Customize Building button that pops up.

There’s one student wandering about beneath the windows, sneak up and scare him to get him out of the way.


Once on the roof pick up the student and then throw him off anywhere. A large box will be delivered and deposited on the grass in front of the building where the Infinity Cube is floating. An orange tentacle monster to the east of the entrance to Frat Row. Go into your Toy Store menu and buy the “Give ’em a Hand Launcher” that just unlocked, no homeqork to actually go over to the floating cube. If you haven’t done so buy them from the Toy Store, you should have earned them from building all the Frat Houses.

The next banner is a little further away, jump down and cross over to the west side of the Fear Tech campus, climb up the drainpipe on the corner of the veranda and then up the pipe in the middle of the swirling leaf creatures.

disney infinity monsters university homework hero walkthrough

Go around the side and jump up some more ledges sticking out of the wall to get to the very top and go back to the front of the building where the flagpole is. Wasting no time Randy will appear by the pen to give you this next mission.

Umiversity up the infinty to the top of the chimney to finish off the collection. Start this one with the green slithery monster at the end of Frat Row.

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