The particles collide at only 1 point. Photograph by jarmoluk via Pixabay. Sir can i know how to find the range of the second for question 2 a? Ok, thank you very much. Use ALL equations to verify.

Collision happens only when positions are the same with same. Cukudut on September 18, at When you press your calculator,you shouldnt insert the negative in. Get notified when new articles including pbs sample are posted. The concept of a limit plays a central role in calculus. Teacher,can you give me the sample answer for this assignment?

Race between turtle and rabbit? Sample solution will be posted once i discussed the solution in class.

Collision happens only when positions are the same with same. Sampling Confidence Interval Coursweork Testing. It can be obtained directly if you know what is parametric equation.

I tried so many times and still din get that ans….

coursework math t stpm 2016

Sir, can I know how to make sentence for the question 4 b? I hope you have solved your question. Sir, is it possible to reject H0?


coursework math t stpm 2016

I am not going to help in this part. I have a different ans too.

mathematics coursework stpm

I have calculated the values using the range but it seems to be a graph with y-axis as major axis but the other two equations above are graphs with x-axis as major axis. MTPhobia on September 27, at Sir,may I know how to get 3. Parametric equations express a set of related quantities as explicit functions of an independent variable, known as a parameter. It is stated there.

Teacher, how can i find the intersection points in 3 b? Because there is t in the question. Tay on August 23, at Alice on September 23, at 9: Please remember the particles does not collide even couursework are able to solve the equations. Sir,can you tell me how to get 3 parametric equation in Q2a,thx. Thanks of your comment. Does it mean any parametric equations of curve as long as it satisfy the Cartesian equation?


STPM 2016 Mathematics (T) Term 2 Assignment

This is also the reason i never answer all the questions that are not related to maths. Photograph by Johanna84 via Pixabay. Jack on March 17, at 8: Teacher can i have the solution ASAP because i need shpm hand in this week. The sample solution is given above. I feel pity on u….

STPM Mathematics (T) Term 3 Assignment

I cannot understand what you asking. Refer the above comments, any parametric equations that satisfy the Cartesian equation given. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Coursfwork on September 16, at 2: If your teacher accept. How do I get the values of t for Q3?

Ivan on August 29, at

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