Specific precautions and contra-indications unique to the application of hydrotherapy will also be learned. Also, some administrators noted that most of their faculty do not have a research background and, therefore, are not willing or able to implement new research courses into the curricula. The endocrine system is comprised of hormones and the system coordinates metabolism, respiration, excretion, movement, reproduction and sensory perception. With cutbacks to provincial healthcare coverage, limited MT treatments are available for low income individuals [ 7 ]. Only two organizations across Canada have directly provided funding for MT research: They will also have met the educational requirements to apply for, and write the CMTBC registration exams.

The concepts of special testing will be introduced. Protocol Questions were presented to study participants in written form and are appended here Additional file 1: Both MT colleges and the MTRB stated they were keen on collaborating with each other and with other MT-related organizations to increase the quantity and quality of research currently being conducted in the field. Although pathology and specific patient populations are treated through the Student Clinic experience, this course highlights the needs of specific patient populations. Each of these stakeholders has an agenda. How can massage therapy move forward?

Proper chair massage delivery utilizing a massage chair will also be learned. Currently, most RMTs use generic, non-specific receipts.

cmtbc case study

This course focuses on caes areas that compose the nutritional understanding for massage therapists. When the profession is able to deal with the internal and external challenges we discuss here it will be able to move forward and be recognized as a significant player in healthcare in the province. The majority of their funding comes from public and private insurance companies and their educational institutions are also for-profit businesses [ 2 ].

Due to regulatory requirements of the College of Massage Therapist of BC, massage therapists must perform a required number of caee education every two years. Remedial exercise is an integral and necessary component of massage therapy.

This course will start where Musculoskeletal Anatomy Upper Body left off. Students will be encouraged to cultivate a more in-depth therapeutic relationship with patients as well as market themselves to generate referrals.


To overcome these barriers, college representatives said that it would be helpful if someone was designated at the colleges or other MT professional associations to review the literature, organize new research by category and then convey summaries of the information to the staff and members.

Registered Massage Therapy

On the one hand, private funders interested primarily in profits, are willing to engage in the commercialization of MT. Running gait analysis and taping will also be covered. Expanding on the principles and skills gained in Systemic Treatments 1, more unstable and devastating systemic pathology is studied.

All the colleges were interested in collaborating with organizations such as the MTRB or other MT professional associations to develop, test and evaluate a best practice guideline to mentor students to carry out research.

Although many ideas were presented, almost all stakeholders felt that increased research on the benefits of MT would help elevate the profession.

Drawing from neuroanatomy and previous treatment related courses, pathology of the peripheral nervous system is studied. Results All three groups identified research, particularly on efficacy of MT, as playing wtudy vital role in enhancing the professional credibility of MT.

cmtbc case study

In this study we interviewed various stakeholders who were involved in the current practice of MT in BC: This course runs in conjunction with Musculoskeletal Anatomy Lower Body. In addition cjtbc audio-recording, the principal investigator took notes throughout the interviews. Specific pathologies involving the shoulder girdle, elbow, wrist and hand are explored, including ideology, presentation, specific assessment markers, hands-on treatment, appropriate remedial planning and home care.

The course includes instruction in the muscular actions, kinesiology, of the lower body — both primary and accessory actions. Histology is the anatomical study of the microscopic structure of body tissues — otherwise described as the tissue structure of an organism.

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One MT college administrator felt that providing leadership to spearhead the needs of RMTs as well as establishing best business practice courses in colleges could help RMTs succeed in their careers.


There are also municipal bylaws and taxation to be considered. Movement and function are created by contraction of muscle tissue but the movement takes place in the joints of the body. Research education in MT colleges Responses of MTRB participants with the current regulation of research education in MT colleges varied from somewhat satisfied to extremely unsatisfied. Participants reported that their students had varying levels of research literacy, with some students studying the literature regularly while others rarely doing so and lacking critical thinking skills.

Firstly, courses regarding research design and statistical analyses form only a small percentage of the total courses taken during MT college training: The course provides an introduction to neurology. Abstract Background Registered Massage Therapists RMTs are valuable members of the healthcare team who assist in health promotion, disease prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and palliation.

It will not move forward until the agenda of all stakeholder groups are aligned and unity amongst groups and individuals is achieved. There is a focus on the common classification of drugs, as well as the common classes of drugs — and their uses and effects.

Touch therapies are generally misunderstood in Canada; in other countries, such as Thailand and India, massage is a time-honoured tradition understood by the majority of the population as beneficial for health [ 10 ]. Support Center Support Center. When joints become restricted, movement becomes restricted. The one participant who had never received the services of an RMT held the most negative views on MT.

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