Initials are not spaced and there are no full stops after initials. Second and third authors’ names are provided in the correct order. The formatting of authors’ names in bibliographic entries also differs from footnotes: Cite unreported cases only if no reported version is available. Use ‘Ibid’ in a footnote where the immediately preceding footnote refers to the same work.

Note that in footnotes, the given name or initials appear first, followed by the family name. Italicise journal titles, and place titles of articles within single quote marks. For more information check the following: Sections are indicated by an ‘s’ followed by a space and the section number. These numbers are displayed at the bottom of the page in CCH reports. Author, ‘Title of Chapter’ in Editor ed , Title of Book publisher, edition number, year first page of chapter, pinpoint. If a footnote is to the same work but to a different pinpoint reference, use ‘Ibid’ followed by the pinpoint reference.

Aside from referencing, footnotes are also used to provide tangential or extraneous information outside the body of the text. Places of worship Contact a chaplain Our Chaplains.

annotated bibliography aglc

Sources should be presented under the following sections where applicable: Provide the first page of the article. Health and wellbeing ChemWatch Checklists and forms Accident and hazard reporting. Cite the first-listed author only, followed by ‘et al’.


annotated bibliography aglc

Pinpoints following the short title in subsequent references refer only to items within that portion of the Act. Visit our Privacy policy for more information. Research Integrity Support eResearch.

If an article appears as a PDF portable document format or equivalent, include the page range of the PDF version, after the article identifier. Ames, Johnathon, ‘Unpaid Work: If an individual annotqted behalf of the body is the author, both the individual and the body should be included. EndNote is a bibliographic management software application that allows you to create a personalised database of references.

March 12, Interactive Gambling Bill Cth. Legislative materials Acts The year of the Act appears in italics following the title. Begin the footnote with the title of the article. Author’s Surname, ‘Title’ n number of first citation pinpoint if different from first citation.

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The author’s first name and surname should be inverted and separated by a comma. No jurisdiction should be included in the citation.

Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law 58, List entries alphabetically under each section of the bibliography, disregarding ‘A’, ‘An or ‘The’. Committee, Legislature, Title year pinpoint. Human Rights Committee, Views: Intellectual property Grievances and problems Forms and guidelines.


See AGLC rule 7. Use ‘n’ to refer to a source that has been cited in a previous footnote other than the immediately preceding footnote.

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Division of Student Life. Therefore, reference it as you would the constitution. Where it not possible to include a volume number, issue number or starting page, another identifier such as an article number may be used.

For more information about decisions annotatec medium neutral citations, see AGLC rule 2.

annotated bibliography aglc

If a footnote is to the same work and to the same pinpoint reference, simply use ‘Ibid’. The control order process undermines the fundamental principle that a person’s liberty should not be restricted unless there is a judicial finding of criminal guilt.

Television, radio and podcasts The full date should be included based on the time zone from which the podcast or radio segment originates. Capitalise the first letter of each word in titles except articles a, an, theconjunctions and and prepositions by, for, with. A date of retrieval is not required.

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