I am very dedicated on making the best possible rice there is. Galvez, the former secretary of the Separtment of Health, ampalaya cannot cure diabetes, but it can help control the diseases. The bakeshop does not specialize in cupcakes but it is on of their offered products like their Classic Miniature cupcakes made with real vanilla beans, topped with smooth vanilla butter cream, Chocolateaholic Cupcakes, deeply sinful dark chocolate cake topped with silky smooth ganache and chocolate sprinkles and Lemon-drenched Loaf. Definition of Terms To make this investigatory project more understandable to those who might come across it, the researcher includes the definition of some term which will enable to have aa clearer understanding of the problem they seek to answer. Type of Business The Bitter Better Sweet Corporation started in motion with a set of persons who loves to produce new kinds of product related in baking. The material you need is very important in this process, because without it there is no way on making rice the efficient blue cross business plan.

Specifically, this project will seek to answer the following question: A limited time offer! What is the level of acceptability of the product to the consumer by considering the following variables: Well, the product that our corporation offers is a healthy one which will be considered to tea shops who prefers a healthy lifestyle for their customers and clients. They include diarrhea, stomachache and bloating. To get on with those rival companies, the idea was conceptualized to make the product more appealing and crave-getter. They will need to decide how to sell baked goods successfully.

Exhaust Fan Capture smoke and draw out stale or impure air from the production area, also used for ventilation. Ampalaya cupcakes will be distributed to different establishments, especially cafes, tea shops or restaurants within Cubao that sells cupcakes.

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Pour the pectin mixture into the sugar mixture as you continue to stir. The products are filled with fruit jams in strawberry, banana and mango which goes well with the Ampalaya cupcake.


Bitter melon may also interfere with normal glucose levels in non-diabetic individuals.

Consumer Buying Behavior Cupcakes offer the taste of a regular-sized cake or pastry in a convenient, portable form and are less expensive, which makes them even more desirable to consumers. Ampalaya- a vegetable grown throughout the Philippines. It has both nutritive and medicinal use.

ampalaya ice cream thesis

Also through this, we can know what are its great effects in our lives including its benefits in food economy and healthcare.

Bitter melon juice is often consumed in its natural fruit form, juice or added with water as a dried powder.

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Big number of people in an area means more demand for food, and this big demand means a greater chance of making sales. For example, you could make a vegan lasagna with crumbled soy “beef” and non-dairy cheese. Their company sells the cupcakes wholesale and retail. To make the market aware to our product through printed ads seen by consumers and promotions. Butterscotch Cookies are also offered with buttery caramel and ribbons of chewy and crunchy butterscotch, White Chocolate Cookies, sweet, chewy vanilla cookies with chunks of creamy Belgian white chocolate made from pure cocoa butter and sprinkled with sea salt, and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, highly addictive chewy, buttery cookies made with finest Belgian bittersweet chocolate.

Analyses of the fruit show that it is a good source of iron and calcium, and a good source of phosphorus.

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Pricing Strategy The corporation will make cupcakes to be sold through the manufacturing place and be mainly engaging in direct selling. The above collective case study music education assignment will be done icce class and you will need to review and study these ampalaya outside of class.

They thezis a prize. It can lead to diabetes, diarrhea and some digestive problems. Garbage disposal in any places inside and outside of the company is very necessary to make duties less demanding.


Does your business willing to sell cupcakes particularly made up of Ampalaya, also called as bitter melon? The completion was based mainly on the gathered information from books and web pages from computer researchers. People from the different walks of life suffer from its harmful and dreadful effects. Also in our economy, we can raise and recover it as well. The first one in the circle starts the game by saying HA.

Diabetes, one of the certain and major diseases in the country, can be prevented. The products are made with the passion on the flavor. Next fill a bowl with paper and tea bags. Advertising program Promotion is necessary for a new entrant company to introduce its product to the industry and be appealing to its target market. In fact, the bitterer, the thesiz, as it is believed that the bitterness is proportionate to its potency according to Galvez.

It contains good amount of health benefiting anti-oxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

ampalaya ice cream thesis

January — March Free cupcakes for the amoalaya for first 10 clients with the least purchase of 50 boxes of cupcakes every week. Through this basis the proponents have the idea to begin a new creation of the BBS Corporation first product, the Ampalaya Bitter melon flavored cupcake that can be competitive enough to the local and global industry.

Personally, how many times in the last month have you purchased cupcake per month?

ampalaya ice cream thesis

According to Daniel Paul Pascual, a student of Baguio City National High school, ampalaya, amargoso or bitter gourd was one of the most important commercial and backyard fruit vegetables in the country today.

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